GRIMME DLC | NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 26th Jan 2021 PS5.


GRIMME DLC | NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 26th Jan 2021 PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me鈥 MrSealyp.

Mods: GRIMME GH 2 – Weeder, GH 4 – Weeder, GH 8 – Weeder, GL 32 E – Potato Planter, GL 32 F – Potato Planter, WH 200 Eco – Potato Harvester, WH 200 S – Potato Harvester, WR 200 CDW – Potato Harvester, SE 85-55 – Potato Harvester, GBF- Transport Belt, PS 511 – Transport Belt, MultiTrailer 190, MultiTrailer 350, Lizard Conveyor Belt – Receiving Hopper & Potato Warehouse By: Team FSI Modding Peppe978/GIANTS.

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  1. There is Lockwood equipment that makes larger potato machinery I use it every season I have been hopping for it to come to fs19

  2. im doing this on pc and the gbf thing i had set up exact same as you and mine doesnt work. it will pick up off the floor and go into the belt hopper but wont produce pallets

  3. Cotton DLC, was an upgrade.
    Alpine DLC, was an upgrade.

    This? Pointless.
    At this time, why would you buy this for your current game? You wouldn't.
    You'd use the regular bug harvester in the game.

    You'd have to restart you game to make these even worth it or play on a small map.

    I have the season pass and I won't even be installing this DLC 馃拃.

  4. I don't understand why the SE85-55 is only available with the onion pickup (which is being used for potato collection) without the option to have it as direct potato harvester (which doesn't require pre haulm removal) like it is used in real life 99.9% of cases all around the world. It kind of ruins the whole pack a bit as the one thing the game was missing was a single row harvester, then we get the pack and we still don't get one, it's totally stupid. The windrowers normally collect the potatoes and drop them in between the next 2 rows, so the SE260, or SE150-60 can pickup 4 rows at a time.

    It is incredibly rare for the Windrower to be used with a single row harvester and a onion pickup in the real world.. realism turned down to 0. It would have been so easy to add the optional intakes, they could have taken it a step further and included a carrot intake…. The whole thing is a joke how it is now, very very disappointing oversight.

  5. The only thing I'm annoyed with is the sound of the engine for that conveyor belt , it sounds like a dying xylophone or someone that does not know how to play the bagpipes馃檳.

    馃槃 you just proved that it worked by dragging the pallet out from under the conveyor belt, I think it works馃榿.

    Can you use any trailer to dump potatoes into the conveyor belt?
    because I noticed you are using the DLC trailers but didn't use any other trailers.

  6. Cannot for the life of me get the largest windrower to work… it will not lift topped or untopped potatoes, while the two mounted ones work fine. Trialing in felsbrunn and without seasons so no reason it isn鈥檛 working. Anyone else ?

  7. Nice review. Its a nice pack even if its not what we really want. Little frustrating as its intended for multiplayer and multiplayer is pretty difficult to get set up.

  8. I've watched a real video on Grimme. They tip the potatoes into the big funnel thing, it then uses the long unloading conveyor from base game that swings side to side and rises up as it unloads into the shed. Quite interesting

  9. Spudnik makes a neat gizmo called the TaterVac that is a machine built onto a semitrailer that when backed up to a traditional refrigerated semitrailer, the machine extends into the reefer trailer and scoops potatoes/yams/sugarbeets onto a conveyor system that moves them out of the trailer and deposits them on an adjacent conveyor/pile/container. Very cool, but leaves a bit of a mess in the reefer. Shippers love it though because then they aren't paying to move pallets or boxes or anything else, the entire cargo weight is crop. Can't imagine we'll ever see that in the game, but hey, a girl can dream.

  10. Does anyone have problems after download the grimme dlc or no mans land pack?(ps4)
    I play Welker Farm 80hours, also update seasons en prec farming.
    I also dowload the big brazilian silo.
    After 15-20 min my game crash …
    For now only happen at Welker Farm..
    Memory is 1287 from 1299 slots
    Many thanks 馃檹馃憤

  11. Thankyou MrSealyP for giving us a tour of the new equipment, thanks also to Peppe978 and the modding team for putting the pack together!

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I like it, for the most part anyway. The mods look great quality wise, it's small equipment and does fill the gap between nothing and the medium / large base game stuff both in size and price, but because it's aimed at small scale farming I know a lot of people won't be happy with it.

    This falls very much into the category of "Marmite DLC" I think (love it or hate it with little middle ground, for those that done know Marmite).

    I like the pack and fully intend to use it, but I do think it Giants missed the opportunity to add a wider range of potato related paraphernalia into the game with this DLC that would have pleased more people. A couple of larger items (harvester and planter) and maybe a new way to process potatoes (e.g. wash, cook, etc) would've gone a long way I think.

  12. MR Sealy p you seem to be giving a lot of negative vibes here, what you seem to forget is that the pc guys have got tons of mods like these and we have to make do with 拢400k plus if anyone wants to have a go at potato cropping. Honestly, i was expecting a better neutral view from you. It's about time we console players got some of the cream mods instead of ending up with just the silver top.

  13. I don't normally do potatoes, so I'm inclined to agree that this is a bit of a waste of a DLC> The equipment looks fantastic, good job by Pepe978 as always, but it just seems that something that already takes a while to do is just going to take longer. I've thought about this since the DLC and I'm not even sure what I'd want to see added. I've always been a gadget nerd so anything fancy I'm interested in. I think the general consensus of new crop types and new machines to harvest those would have been way better. I also like the idea of new animals. MrSealyP has pointed out many times how some of the recent mods have illustrated what can be done within the game, why not explore that and keep you customer base engaged and happy?

  14. Thanks for the review MrSealyp. Does anyone know if the drivable belt fills from a buy silo? Would it work with mutifruits added to mod maps? Like sand, coffee etc.

    They are nicely made machines but apart from maybe the belt I have no use for small machines. And I hate those fake 200m mods they use on factory maps. So I'm looking forward to something that makes potatoes and beets less tedious.

  15. For the windrow harvesters: you don't need to top with any of them as the shop description says. Just make sure to have row crop tires mounted on your pulling tractor.
    About the weeds and the topping: I assume as long as the field is in state 'ready to top' you can spray herbicide because the state technically is not 'ready to harvest' yet – it needs topping first to get into state 'ready to harvest', allthough most of the potatoe harvesters don't need seperate topping as they do it during their harvest process. As soon as a field is in 'ready to harvest' state you can't do anything else than harvesting: no herbicide spraying and no fertilizing possible anymore.
    The SE 85-55 does NOT have the option of using a hired helper! It's pretty much like using a super tiny loading wagon for potatoes instead of forage crops. So yes you have to collect ALL of your digged out potatoes by yourself – no worker driven collecting machine for that available on consoles.
    Again that is sth. that starts worring me: we get more and more stuff that is best used in a multiperson operation without the option of using a hired helper – I bet the vast majority of console players play this game as a solo carreer, which seems not really to get adressed by Giants. To me their attitude to hired helpers feels like '.. we have to have them in the game for casual players, but we don't really care a lot about how well they can be used in the game … main thing is, they are there so nobody can say 'can't be played single player', that is all we need – just keep costs down, that is mainly important for company rating which in the end of the day is the real goal to aim for, isn't it? So let's do it like all the big players and invest the money in marketing instead of product quality – that is way more efficient!'

  16. I didn鈥檛 download the last dlc and I won鈥檛 download this one either. As far as I鈥檓 concerned the alpine and this grimme dlc stink like fresh cow manure. I鈥檓 honestly appalled at the fact that giants didn鈥檛 do a John Deere dlc especially seeings as how that this is there first time having them in game. I鈥檓 very thankful to all the modders that actually make this game worth playing cause without those guys giants would have nothing cause they do nothing and I think we鈥檙e all getting tired of there laziness. That you Mr. Sealyp for all your vids.

  17. Please can you check if that SE85-55 actually won鈥檛 harvest potatoes from the ground? That harvester in real life does harvest like a normal harvester, it doesn鈥檛 just pick up windrowed potatoes. The point is you use the side windrower to deposit potatoes on top of rows of still planted potatoes, then when the SE85-55 comes along it harvests the still planted potatoes AS WELL AS the ones that have been windrowed by the other harvester. I鈥檓 baffled at how this has either been missed by the creator or intentionally left out, considering it鈥檚 what they鈥檙e designed to do. Team FSI always make fantastic mods so i鈥檓 assuming this a mistake or a decision caused by the limitation of the game not letting the equipment both harvest and pick up at the same time.

  18. the biggest advantage of this dlc is that if you have plant withering enabled, you can quickly harvest the potatoes and leave them on the ground so they don't wither and you can take your time to collect them

  19. I believe this dlc is a fulfillment of a prize for the mod contest winners way back in FS17. Not sure why it took the mod makers so long to bring the mod pack to Giants but they were obligated to release it. This would have been more impressive way back when FS19 first arrived.

  20. I don't see the smaller machinery as going backwards. On the face of it, it should make it possible to do smaller, more manageable crop sizes without spending a load of money. I haven't done the sums but you could probably but together a complete operation for less than the cost of the in-game harvesters.


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