Grimme Pack DLC Spotlight | Farming Simulator 19


Potatos are the focus of the latest Farming Simulator 19 DLC with 14 new items of equipment in the Grimme Pack created by Farming Simulator Mod contest winners Team FSI modding! What’s included and what can you expect? We’ve got early access, so let’s take a look!

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  1. They need to watch Idaho potatoes farming equipment. They dig up 6 to 10 rolls at a time. Yes its nice equipment. More rolls faster time getting the harvest done

  2. Hi vf gr8 review on this DLC one thing you didnt know tho the last belt system u can sit in it and drive it like a tractor vf just thought I let you know ……..

  3. This looks awesome – I've taken to watching the odd real world farming video to get an idea of how it's done properly, and I came across a potato harvesting video, my reaction was "this is what we need in FS". They were using the side drop harvester – effectively a potato windrow merger, so for each 2 passes of the harvester you got 1 collection row. Yeah the equipment still isn't that big, but it's cheap and low HP. They were also using tractors with the spaced twin narrows, the spacing allows the wheels to space over the rows (I had been wondering why you would use spaced narrows up until then) – though I don't think there's many small tractors which can mount this wheel config in game.

  4. Nice inspiring review. I was hoping for something like making a windrow to the side and then come in with the ingame harvester and pick up two rows from the soil and and at the same time pick up the windrow you just put down on top of those getting harvested, if you understand what I mean. I have seen that being done on youtube and would make potatoe harvesting going from two to four rows being harvested at the same time. Thanks for your video.

  5. Great review. and thanks for your informative channel! I`m going to buy this one. And the other hand, I will say this: That I hope Team FSI does not care about the complaints and verbal bashing that is going on, on Facebook and or other sites because of this DLC. I know it does not have the biggest and baddest equipment that someone wants with this pack, but I like it and I highly appreciate the work from Team FSI to bring this out for the community. It brings potatoes to a whole new level!

  6. Thanks for a great review VF. Is a good dlc with some nice small equipment allowing you to start with potato's on your farm. Not for folk that like big fields and farming, but perfect for smaller maps. Noticed the PS511 had a trailer hitch on the back, is that for transport or towing a trailer?


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