GUIDE TO HORSES – Farming Simulator 22


This is a tutorial video and guide to what you need to know about horses in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:25 – Purchasing Horse Pens
1:04 – Buying Horses
3:27 – The Horse Animal Menu
5:06 – Watering Horses
6:23 – Straw Bedding for Horses
7:37 – Feeding Horses
9:22 – Riding Horses
11:22 – Cleaning Horses
11:45 – Horse Fitness
12:14 – Selling Horses
12:59 – Outro

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  1. Hi Cop. I have two horses in a large barn. Fully fed (hay and base), I groom and ride them 100% everyday. But, their fitness has dropped from 100% to 97% 🧐
    Any ideas why?

  2. Ok stupid question
    I'm fairly new to this game. Do you have to grow the sorghum and Oats so you can feed the horses. Or can I just buy it?

  3. What can you do if you accidently filled food with only "base food" (Oat or Sorghum) and you can't add any Hay because storage is full? Health is not going up and I figure thats why… HELP!

  4. great video as always but you never say how to increase the fitness my horses are up over the 1000.00 range been daily riding and cleaning and food water etc but can't get fitness over 49 % had same since December 2021

  5. Because I set swath dropping on when harvesting grains, I have an excess of straw bales. If I begin taking care of horses, will I be able to use the small rectangular bales that can be lifted by hand? (I think they are 125cm)

  6. Hi Farmer Cop! I could really use some help. I just got my horses in FS22 (PS4) and even though it wasn’t as easy as you did it in this video, I was able to give them oat and straw. No matter what I did, I could not give them hay. I tried different tractors, trailers, mixer wagons and even if I got the “start overloading” symbol to show up, it would start to dump the hay but not give them any, and then it would say “hay is not accepted here”. I also tried taking a 600l bale (hand bale) right to the feeding symbol and that didn’t work. I have tried so many things and I can’t seem to feed them hay. Any insight on how to fix this? If you need more info, I can give it. Thanks!

  7. If i have food up to 100% in a horse pen do i still have to feed them hay because i tried to feed them hay along with oats and the game wont let me

  8. i can't give water to them… when i get near the pasture with my aquatrans it says "it doesnt accept water"… anyone with that issue? 🙁

  9. Another year of not having horses. I don't want to spend my time riding all the horses I'd want to have. I'd want to have a ranch hand ride it for me.

  10. Thank you @Farmer Cop for these videos! Couple of question that came up my mind: How can we keep the Health bar green? How does affect a simple pasture for Horses’ health in the winter season. What’s the maximum value that can we make from the horses and how long does it take?

  11. Hummmm, that's odd. I can only get one of them in, ie Grass / hay and so, But it only let me one of them, not a mix of them. hummmmm how are getting that to work ???.

  12. I never attempted horses in 19 simply because I didnt fancy riding them for 10 mins a day. This definitely seems a bit more do able.

  13. Ok quick question. Console player here (ps5) cant get straw to blow into the pin. I have the 5 horse pin and the pro chop 150 blower with purchased wheat bales. It will not give me an option to straw the pin!!!!! Help

  14. Hey Farmer Cop🚨
    Please make a guide to cows, I can't find a way to put straw for them in the shed.

    Also thankyouu for the other guides you've published already.

  15. Man the horses graphics are pretty bad. I have a rule with games with horses in it. I have been riding real horses for over 15 years. So I know how they really move. If a game can't do it right I can't play the game… the best game with horses in it to date is Red Dead 1 and 2 and Sims 3 pets

  16. aight im probs being dumb but how do you feed them with bales in 22 cus in 19 we had them bale crusher thingys but im not seeing them in the shop, am i looking in the wrong place or something, and i never done horses before so ye

  17. I am wondering if they reproduce now. The ui says something about reproduction if they are 10 months old. My horses are finally 10 months (I use the pasture in case that makes a difference) but it's showing 0% reproduction so not sure if this is a bug in the ui or if they breed now.

  18. Let me know when you have a guide to remove all seasons effects like setting month to one day and constantly sleeping to have crops grow like in FS 19.


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