Welcome back to the Modern Series! Buch and I needed a way to Harvest more efficiently. We decided to buy a motherbin. It hold’s 8,000 bushels that way the Grain Cart driver never has to stop and wait for a semi. Honestly works really good! Hope you guys enjoy!

Apex Gaming PCs (10% Off using Discount Code: “Squad”)-


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Channel Editor- Garrett Dadoun

MODS (Places where I get mods)

(Best Farming Mods)

(Has a few more mods then Mod-network)

(The best truck mods and other misc mods out there!)

(Good equipment comes from this group)

How to Install Mods-

*I have stopped linking specific mods due to reducing the risk of releasing a private mod. I will not send out any mods at all or answering any question relating to “Where did you get this mod”, as the mod can be found in the above links if it is public*



1. How do you get the game?

You can buy the game here (PC version)-

2. Can you get mods for Xbox One or PS4 (talking about FS19 not FS17)?

No, you can not get any of the good mods like I have. There’s a few little mods you can get for console

3. Where do you get your mods?

Mod-Network (AD Free)-
Some of the best Crazy Mods-
Some Facebook Groups with Good Realistic Mods-
Custom Modding Group-
JHHG Modding-

4. Why is it called the Squad if it is only one person?

This channel started out as a couple of people as it moved to Farming simulator it just ended up being me (Grant). I now have my brother (Spencer) in some videos too so I thought I would keep the name “The Squad”.

5. Can I play with you?

On most Livestreams, I keep a couple of spots open for people to join. The Livestreams are usually every Saturday at 5 pm Central Time. To join the live stream you must have every mod I use on that server. Most of the time I let you guys know what mods you will need for the livestream the day before (so Friday).



  1. Finally, someone using these bins correctly! I see a lot of people using the mother bins wrong, and whilst it's a game and each person shall do as they please, id like to explain how we use them irl. Initially, we still use auger wagons. The mother bins are extremely heavy and are really not something you'd want to keep on the field, and as such, the chaser bin will make trips back and forth to the mother bin. From here trucks can come and get a full load, rather than sitting and waiting for the chaser bins. This reduces the cost of seasonal labor and truck rental.


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