HOW OFTEN DO YOU TAKE SOIL SAMPLES? – Precision Farming DLC TEST – Farming Simulator 19


This is a guide to give you the knowledge you need to handle the new precision farming DLC. In this part of the series we will go over how often you need to take soil samples. Enjoy!

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  1. I have been messing with this like others. I one of the many videos I watched when PF was released, someone mentioned a "cheat" that would turn the whole map without actual samples. Do you know what that is? Also, is there any mention of maximum distance of the rtx stations?

  2. Looked into it. Each spring before planting you need to take soil samples. The soil type doesn't change the the pH and nitrogen levels lowers differently depending on crop previously planted

  3. Can you test to see if pH levels remain stable after applying lime with Seasons installed during the course of a crop cycle. Im finding they revert back to pre lime levels during a crop cycle, making liming pointless with Precision Farming and Seasons both installed.

  4. Questions: I've repeatingly ran into the problem of nitrogen, PH and yield levels becoming frozen for "grass" specifically after 2nd harvest in season.
    Have you tested this out by chance and/or perhaps you can run that thorough mind of yours through this and see what you find?
    Thank you for all the hard work you've put into these test. I really appreciate your videos. Especially the harvesting crops with broken equipment vs repaired.

  5. I played on Rassvet, it has custom soil, fields on that started with outdated data. Not sure if that just means it not properly set up or something.

  6. Thanks for taking it to the next level everyone else has already given up on this subject and there are alot of questions about it

  7. I think the soil type doesn't change but did you check the PH levels after each harvest? That is what I think should be different.

  8. I'm curious about PF and seasons. Seasons handheld tool says my fields are not fully fertilised but PM auto aplication will not let me apply extra fert. I can't figure out if seasons crop rotation is broken either. As far as I can tell PF is overriding and breaking seasons fertiliser and crop rotation systems.

    It seems really odd to me as the lead dev for seasons is also a Giants dev. I may have things upside down but PF and Seasons do not seem fully compatible.

  9. I have had outdated data, i had harvested a field like 8-10 times, with each harvest the colors get a little darker, eventually they turn black

  10. So what your saying is just lease the soil sampler implament. Once samples are taken on a field you don't really need to ever sample that field again.

  11. Good info, I have already turned off precision farming, I do contract work and wasn't getting enough grain from the field to even complete the contracts.

  12. Thanks for sharing. You have saved me countless hours trying to figure these things out. I usually wait for you, DJ, and MSP to cover mods and DLCs before jumping in myself. Huge thanks!!!


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