How To Setup Multiplayer on PC – Farming Simulator 19 – Dedicated Sessions


This video will show you how to setup and play on multiplayer on a PC dedicated session.

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  1. So I you have 1 farm and save and go on single player can you still use that game in multiplayer

  2. If you have dedicated server can you work with your friends together in one big farm and at the same time can everyone have each own small farm aside?

  3. I’ve looked for something like this for PC for a long time. Easy to understand. Simple to follow. NO dedicated server needed. Thanks FC.

  4. Thank you for this FC. According to the connection settings you've skipped, i'm assuming as an IT guy, that you should set the connection speed so it match your real internect connection speed (you can measure it on speedtest dot net for example) and let the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) turned ON. It should configure your router automatically, if the router has the UPnP enabled of course. Otherwise you would need to configure NAT (Port Forwarding) manually, which i guess would be more advanced stuff, for most of the players, but without it, nobody will be able to connect to your game, or some weird things might happen during gameplay. (I'm writing this comment for 2nd time as the original was lost somewhere .. maybe because the link to speedtest ?)

  5. So I usally end up with two main issues when playing multiplayer.
    1) friends try and join but it syncrozies forever and they can never get in.
    2) sometime another player cannot see any vehicles when in game.

    Has anyone had or does anyone know what to do here?


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