INTRODUCTION – Guide to Seasons – Farming Simulator 19


This is a comprehensive series that will cover every aspect of Seasons gameplay in Farming Simulator 19. We will cover growing crops, different seasons, season GEOs, weeds, fertilizer, raising animals, and more. Stay tuned to the channel as the new portions of this series come out.

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0:00 – Intro
0:54 – What is Seasons?
2:47 – What is a Seasons GEO?
3:52 – HUD Changes
4:53 – The Main Menu
5:41 – The Seasons Menu
6:06 – The Calendar
8:47 – Weather Forecast
12:16 – Crop Info Screen
13:40 – The Economy Screen
15:40 – Seasons Settings

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  1. Thank you so much I needed this. Not to be pushie but how often will you be putting this series out. And thanks again.

  2. Need help i can't move when I have seasons mod installed in a game no keys work no forward-backword neither esc key and mouse

  3. Geos: Seasons mod has a built-in Geo, I believe is based on "somewhere in Southern England". Also some maps have their own Seasons Geo embedded, while others do not. I'm not entirely sure which maps do or don't, but I do know that any map modded by the Farming Agency does have a built-in Geo (Chellington Valley is their latest).

  4. Wow this vid is amazingly clear cut. keep it up man, nice to have someone on yt who actually knows how to make a tutorial vid that anyone can understand!

  5. I have a question about Cows in seasons. It appears to me that you need to feed them more than TMR. Their total health seems to require TMR, silage, hay and grass. Does feeding them TMR on its own slow down reproduction or getting to their optimal selling price? Thanks

  6. AWESOME! just what i was wondering the other day. This is legit the best account to know all the know how on farming sim

  7. I have been playing with Seasons for a while, but this is a great refresher for some of the options or functions I don't always pay attention to.

    If possible, it would be interesting to see how Seasons and Precision Farming work together, specifically with the crop rotation and different soil types.


  8. Seasons can be tricky, IF you are a content creator, bare that in mind too, I usually shoot video without running it just to make things simpler, other wise seasons is a good mod..


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