JD 8R, Larger Honey Spawn, USA Buildings! | Farming Simulator 22


New Mods & Mod Updates FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
JD 8R, Larger Honey Spawn, USA Buildings!
FS22 Modhub –

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – John Deere 8R
1:12 – Bee Hive Pallet Spawner
1:37 – Placeable Pack Farmhouses
2:27 – Trailer Farm Buildings
3:42 – Pöttinger Torro Combiline
5:26 – Bressel Und Lade Shovels
6:29 – Hydraulic Bale Fork
6:59 – Joskin Transportbox
7:53 – Michieletto AM19
8:47 – Lizard Cultivator 2.5M
9:18 – Medium Garage
9:58 – Tent
11:05 – Seed Production
11:43 – Krone Swadro 2000
12:19 – Sipma RN610
12:46 – Damage Bar Selection
13:20 – Buy Production Input
14:37 – Engine Starter
16:41 – Outro

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  1. Hey DJ. I work for a john deere dealer and wanted to let you know that the transmission options are correct for the 8r. The IVT is not available in any 8r 8rt or 8rx that is 400 horse

  2. DJ, the settings for Engine Start is in the settings. The menu where you select season on/off, helper options like buying seed.. then under all of that is the new options for Engine Start.

  3. These silo capacities are getting ridiculous, 5 million bushels(liters) ?! 20 million bushels ( liters) ?! Those silos are going to take forever to fill up 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ but hey, that’s just how some people like to play, you know?

  4. Dj just wanted to touch base with you on the lizard 60ft header and header trailer I tried using it last night and everytime I would lay the header on the trailer and it would shoot the head off the trailer so if by chance you communicate with the modder could you pass the word along

  5. What a lackluster 8R mod. I'd much rather Custom Modding's 8R with row crops and custom sounds ugh that was my favorite 8R mod.

  6. I used the new 8r mod. Nice but all my fields are big. I need 9r 9rt and 9rx. Heavier tractors do a better job at pulling heavier implements. Id love to have a Big Bud tractors an sprayer !!

  7. Great work brother 👏, as always keep them coming 👍. By the way I told EY modding yesterday where he could find some Massey Ferguson sounds 👌

  8. the start engine mod gives me a black screen every time i exit my save game and its not a mod conflic because i try it in mod folder with only this mod in it and its still give me black screen.

  9. Will they be makeing cold Crest valley map for 22 that map is awesome and Ben's map I really hope we get more trucks

  10. Thanks for the mod update DJ I would like to see a small mod map for smaller equipment that would be nice 👍

  11. Yo DJ I thought giants had a rule of only 1 mod per item so no duplicate mods ? Iam on about the tent and all the stupid 3m equipment

  12. Hey Dj. The Auto start menu is at the bottom of main menu in (game)with the vehicle start setting you didnt go down enough
    also the quick start is there and it works super Quick🚜💨

  13. Idk why the productions input segment was so funny. DJ: this mod is….., literally 2 seconds later this mod ROCKS🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 thanks DJ I needed that today.

  14. Dj i am going to make a pack with a 2.9m cultivator and a 3.1m cultivator just for you! And they will have no customization lol

  15. C'mon workday be over! I'm ready to dig into some of these mods! 😂 Greetings from Tennessee, DJ!


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