Kubota DLC Factsheet Set # 2 – Plus an added teaser of the future?? – Farming Simulator 22


It’s Friday June 17 which means it’s time for the next set (#2) of Factsheets for the Kubota DLC. There are 2 new tractors to look at as well as a front loader. This DLC is looking pretty good.
Also take a look at the first fact sheet and tell me where the screenshot was taken….. Is it a teaser for something new after this DLC?



  1. WIth all the compartive notes you have for the map, I want to say, they're teasing a new map. I'm looking farwad to these Kubota Tractors. I wasn't at first, but now the excitment is building.

  2. I was looking forward for the M5 tractor, but it is unfortunately a manual transmission, and with my driving in between olives or grapes that is no fun. The RTV unfortunately has no real Cab + it is too light + underpowered so the transport capability might be limited.
    This spreadsheet was better:
    The M6 looks good I would probably get one (maybe a bit too light to do some "heavier" light-field work)
    The M7 has almost the same Power but is 2.5t heavier; so if it has a frontal-three-point-hitch-thingy (don't know the English name for that thing) I might get that one too?? // + it is 10 Kph faster.
    The R640 looks good, but the speed makes me want to keep it in the shop.

    Next week the M8 which might be actually useful for most standard sized maps and hopefully a RTV which will be more like the Gator (without being green)
    About the map… I don't really care much about Giants maps anymore, since I stopped playing on them around January.


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