KUBOTA DLC – RELEASE VIDEO – Farming Simulator 22


The Kubota DLC is now available for everyone!!

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Kubota DLC Video:

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  1. Question. I played my save like on Sunday, then when I did the update. I had to download all the mods I had on my save game again. Is that Typical with Farming Simulator 22? Do update, and download everything all over again?

  2. Hi farmer cop thanks for all your videos I follow you religiously I have a question though update 1.6 came out today and all my saved games were deleted and went back probably two months ago how does that work

  3. Hello!

    This is a very nice pack. The vehicles are perfect for small-mid sized farms.

    Just a heads-up for Xbox players!
    The game was updated when the DLC launched.
    With the update all of the previously downloaded mods are uninstalled…. 😞
    So we have to download everything again before loading a saved game.
    /It doesn't matter if the Kubota pack purchased or not, the game was completely updated, due to the new multiplayer functions/

  4. Hey fc I play on Xbox 1 and wish a way was made to use a promo code to support creators on Xbox. Love your content keep up the great work.

  5. for some reason on steam, its not showing as included in my Season 1 year Pass. I can buy it, but since i have the pass, I've already paid for it? I hope that gets resolved soon


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