In this video we will talk briefly about Farming Simulator 22 and what it means for the Farmer Cop channel. We will look at screenshots and talk about future videos coming to you.

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  1. I'm afraid I need a new system to play fs22. But yeah new game is great to looking forward too 👩‍🌾👍🏻

  2. I'm still on 17. Looking forward to the new one. Just found your channel. Looking forward to your new content

  3. I love your videos and you are so real and I love cops. Thank you for your service. Be safe and you are the one that have helped me the most.

  4. Since mods will have to be re-written, it'll be a while before it gets big. I'll probably wait a little while to get 22 but I'm looking forward to better detail, new crops and animals. Good deal! Thanks!

  5. I look forward to it, I hope they do a lot more with the terrain tool so we can better grasp the finer points of terrain work and painting

  6. I may be wrong or dreaming but I think I seen a preview of a crop duster that would be great they have drones on the mod hub. Why not crop dusters. Flying would be great that's my hope but I'm so buying fs22

  7. I hope giants debuts the game with options for base game equipment. Not a bare minimum selection like 19. Case makes more that 1 harvester and 4 tractors. I'd love to see each companies full line (within reason of course) in game day 1!!!!! I'm not even going to get excited about fs22 until more info is released. I'm ok with having mods, of course. But is giants going to be lazy again and rely on modders to "finish" the game??? Time will tell. Looking forward to seeing more about this next installment of the greatest game ever!!!

  8. Just saw a commercial for Almond Milk. In it they showed a harvester shaking the tree to release the almonds. Hoping someone from Giants saw it to. What do you guys think about something like this? Or Grove farming in general? #FS22wishlist

  9. i hope they are gonna update plowing and cultivating; the more you plowcultivate the better the yield, like in real life

  10. I’m ready, my daughter keeps saying they need goats in the game. Her and I co-op a horse farm. Also Thank you for your service my good sir

  11. I'm looking forward to the game and your videos you just announced.
    My only concern is the the older consoles don't get the same content compared to the newer consoles. Maybe the base game will be identic, but with regards to mod I'm not sure if modders can easily a mod which will work on both consoles. Maybe older console owners need then to buy the game twice. It happend to me before with GTA5. Bought it originally for the PS3, and then all the extra contend was only available on PS4. I fear the same for FS22

  12. i think you are risking everything here most of your subscribers are here bcz of your tutorial videos
    and most of us will still be playing modded 19 even months after 22 release so………..i understand its your channel and its your call…..im just sayin

  13. I imagine it will be several months after release before the big bugs are fixed in FS22. FS releases in the past have worked that way. Plus it will take a while for the complex mods to be remade/ported over. So it might be a good idea to keep a FS19 series going for a while after release.

  14. I am looking forward to seeing what the new game will be like, but I'm not sure yet if I will buy it. I suppose for me it depends on which new crops the new game will have and if there maybe are other things that are really important to me. So far, I really enjoy playing Farming Simulator 19, so I'm just not sure yet.

  15. Love the channel. Keep it up. Also enjoying your no mans land series. Much love from nashville. Also thank you for your service.

  16. FS 22 I am excited for but I am bit sad hear about your decision on mod tutorials I like your delivery on tutorials bit better then some other channels out there but hey maybe lumping mods in to mod over views you do daily for new mods when their new? Yes you did turn me on to Global company. Which if I recall was a FS17 mod that got updated to FS19 hoping it comes to FS22.


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