MANAGING MODS FOR PC BEGINNERS – Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 Mod Management Tutorial


How do I install mods? Where is my mods folder? What is a good way to manage my mods? In this tutorial I’ll answer all of these questions and more.

MANAGING MODS FOR BEGINNERS – Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 Mod Management Tutorial

Farming Simulator 19 by Giants Software
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  1. I have downloaded some mods from same website as you shown in this video. But some mods doesnt work i dnt know why? .
    May you help me about that.

  2. So I have a problem I put my mods in my mods folder and for some reason they won’t upload to the mod hun can you help

  3. I have an issue when I modify an area then if Iquit the game and return back
    The area that I had modify its return back to the previous state
    *every thing is fine.. The problem is the modify area

  4. As soon as I launch farm sim it instantly crashes, Nothing seems out of the ordinary I uninstalled any mods I tried to put in, game still crashing, any tips?

  5. A big "Thank you" from a Newby. It will make game management so much easier when I have lots of mods and maps.

  6. Installed FS_19 in my pc..Game Working but mods Files faild loading…Mods And maps not Showing on game..plz Help me bro

  7. i have downloaded a couple that is RAR format BUT it tells you to undo that and inside you find a normal Mod Zip it is on rare occasions; usually that do this if the mod requires a couple parts.. Windows Sort will Sort them for you if you sort by type in the download folder.

  8. How do you get a downloaded map to show up as an option when starting a new farm? The map mod is my mod folder but it's not showing as an option to start.

    I think it may be because it's a large map, and the files inside the map folder are zipped. Do I need to unzip them?
    Thank you so much for all your help!

  9. Somehow I don't understand it. There is the ingame mods function. Is that not a good idea to install mods over it? What is the difference? I am new in farming simulator.

  10. Thank you very much for this Harv, I been quiet lately, life is getting in the way but i'm still around watching the content so thank you I found this incredibly helpful

  11. There is another tool that can do this for you. It's called PVTools. It's from the chap who made the pleasant valley maps and is available on his website.


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