Mulching & Fertilizing Grass Fields. Buying The Dairy Factory🔸Farming Simulator 22🔸Elmcreek #27🔸4K


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00:15 Can’t Stay No Longer (Instrumental Version) – Daxten feat. Wai
03:24 Over Open Seas – Mike Parr feat. Frida Winsth
07:13 Have in Mind – CLNGR feat. Eyre
10:12 Vast Highlands – Dvine
13:56 It’s Game On – Roof feat. Milva
17:12 I Need More of You (Instrumental Version) – Hallman


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  1. Hello tlf, what about expanding your land and maybe buying a samson pg20 or pg25 and use all of your slurry instead of having to sell it to bga


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