NEW MODS | TRANSFER YARD | (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 8th Feb 2021 PS5.


NEW MODS | TRANSFER YARD | (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 8th Feb 2021 PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Old Fence And Gates By: Slyclif, Polish Fence And Gate Pack By: Kacper, Pallet Rack By: DerMindener, Square Houses By: BarT, Disc Plow 3DR By: FBT Modding, Lizard ASTH By: JV3D Modding/SleutjesModding, Kuhn Accura 1600
By: FBT Modding/Vinicius LS, Stara Prima 4590 By: Agro Tonho, Grimme KS 5400
By: MefiuFs/Ziuta & Transfer Yard / Recycling Center By: HR Forst/Fahrzeugbau.

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  1. So I went to use the transfer station for a big wood chip project. First the wood chips fell through the station onto the ground underneath. Then it froze up the game while saving. I’m on Xbox. Has anybody else encountered this or similar issues?

  2. Just a quick one I noticed you had deutz tractor with the front arms down just wanted to know which model it was please

  3. Heads up for the transfer center I tried tipping manue in one of the bays and it fell through the floor, hopefully an update soon 👌

  4. Love the transfer station like u I don't know wot to do with it yet but will enjoy trying 2 find a use 4 it. could store eggs milk and wool b4 selling cool thanks 4 that

  5. Brilliant work as always MrSealyp, I found that grains, and salt etc don't hold in the bays of the transfer yard, might need an update.

  6. I find it interesting that Giants were/are(?) giving oxygendavid a hard time over a working map with some branding, yet they dont say anything about mods that they supposedly review yet they dont work.

  7. Great video as always. Would love to see a 6m potato harvester to go with that topper. Also wanted to say Thank You modders for all your work.

  8. Transfer yard- Use it with the placeable TMR mixer and add components to each little bunker…that way you can bring in components by trailer…raise it up, unload, use a bucket to move it to the bunkers.
    Bunkers into the machine.
    Also you can put the custom bga processor around the corner with a conveyor in one of the spaces…you can choose where silage goes.

  9. Transfer Yard is ideal for the reusable pallet pack . I often set a pallet factory up on my maps. Now this is the perfect mod to set a pallet factory up. Top Mod

  10. Love the transfer yard currently on Sussex farms with my daughter and already have a use in mind

    Keep up the good work love the review.

  11. No experience with seeders, but usually you would see inverted chevrons on a tractor for better grip in field (not good on road though!) and usually on one axle only so that you have better grip in both directions

  12. The enjoyment a person can get from hearing you grumbling about running over the one log you left laying around or struggling to find a light switch is probably wrong BUT, I can’t help it! Crack on MrSealyP!

  13. Thanks for the review. I see real life pictures of that topper in front. I love it already. In game it would be a problem with wide tires in the back configuration with crop destruction on. Irl you would drive between the rows of plants. I hope a wide harvester follows…For words like Fahrzeugbau(vehicle construction) I would really like to recommend this video from German Girl in America. (Not criticism, just help.) It's sort like Faaaaahr, zeug, bau. So the emphasis is on the first word.

    EDIT: The haulm topper works great but it visually loses one pto axle when you lower it. In irl pictures I can see it's still there in the lowered working position. So probably a little bug. I would love to see it fixed.

  14. The drawbar on the Stara seeder wasn’t quite fully unfolded, the hoses appear when it’s fully unfolded, could be why it didn’t want to run with the attacher connected. Just a thought, great vid as always 👍

  15. I tried the old protection pack with season ( no mans land geo/map) and the screen kept freezing. I’m really hoping it’s my end. Thanks for another great mod review


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