No Man's Land #26 FS22 Timelapse Upgrading Our Equipment For Making HayHarvesting Canola & Sorghum


FS22 Upgrading our equipment to make hay, harvesting canola and sorghum is the next part in the No Man’s Land timelapse series on Farming Simulator 22. We start the day off mixing up some TMR for our cows. Once the cows are sorted we then finish off our harvesting for the year with two fields of canola and one field of sorghum. We then sell our combine as we’ll be upgrading it next year. We use the money we make to upgrade our tedder and windrower and use them to make hay which we bale up to use for feed.

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  1. You should do yukon river valley. Its a 16x map with gold and oil and coal mining added to it. As well as a barge system for the river for either vehicles or a couple for goods.

  2. I see you have a lot of hours on the JD .
    I have on haute beyleron a Massey S8 , newly bought, with 50 hrs on and it costs me 8000 € each month. It’s my main tractor so I use it all the time .
    I find it a bit to expensive, never had those costs in fs19 .
    I looked for a repaint but 45k is really over the top .
    Btw , nice video like always.

  3. Gas up the case..? Haha. Did Matt release the update off modhub? I seen it was in the testing list for modhub but it never released so I assumed it failed testing. He said on Facebook that the update would fix the gas missing issue and add front loader options. Few other options added as well.

  4. Great video SIM ! Liking the new equipment upgrades. When we gonna see a new loader tractor? I'm sure the john deere would welcome a new big brother…lol. Again great video !


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