Precision Farming Update Soybean Yield | Console Review | Farming Simulator 19


Today we are taking a look at an issue with soybean harvest yield that has shown up after update I’ve seen yields from the 60s all the way up to 125%. In this video we try and determine how to prevent the dreaded 65% yield.

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Precision Farming DLC by: GIANTS Software

Farming Simulator 19 by GIANTS Software

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  1. I said on the fs post for this. I hope they don't rush this because the concept is amazing the actual. Excicusion of it is pitiful.

  2. Kinda wish I seen that BEFORE harvesting 8 hectares of sobeens… it up to 75% tho….any updates coming for that?

  3. first time playing flint hills, trying to play as realistic as possible. figured I would start with soybeans, then corn & rinse repeat… long story short 160 acres of soybeans I planted and what do I get for my 12hrs of work…. 65% yield… no nitrogen boost…. and sooo much regret.. guess I will run Corn & Canola for now… kinda unfortunate, one of the first times on fs I have considered cheating money in for the 35+% roughly $600,000 they cheated me out of… I did everything right >40 nitrogen, I plowed, I limed 160 acres with a regular fertilizer cart so PH was perfect which was absolutely brutal & the field was good soil (roughly 110% yield avg.) Not to mention I won't get any cost reduction on fertilizing my corn since it added no nitrogen 😢

  4. I believe it’s an error in the HarvestExtension LUA code. I have edited mine, but test it this evening. 🤞🏽

  5. I have no idea how this made it past testing, soy beans, sugar beets and potatoes broken, only crops i havent tried are cotton and sugar cane, they even released grimme potatoes dlc which i why i stater doing potatoes just to find it broken

  6. This new update to precision farming didn't fix soybeans at all… if anything made it worse… I have exactly the same problem stuck at 65% yield no matter what you do… the same thing happens for sugar beets too 🙁 65% yield no matter what you do… it did fix grass nitrogen levels after mowing though, and most of the other crops work like they should. Do giants even test these updates before they release them?? lol

  7. I knew it too, thought it was supposed to be like that then I thought why? I originally thought it was a glitch with the walker farms map but guess not


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