"Ravensburg" New Mod Map Tour in Farming Simulator 19


NEW MOD MAP FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19!!! This is a tour of the new mod map in Farming simulator 19 called Ravensburg. This map was created by TopAce888. This map features a large beautiful landscape with enormous amounts of detail, sell points, and farming potential.

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Map created by: TopAce888

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  1. Hey Farmer Cop. Recently an update came out, now I actually see two maps in the list on console. One of them allows to play with the production mod from VSR Modding Sur. Would be great if you would make a video on that, how to use etc. Been playing on this map for a few days now, and I must say this is by far the best map in the game. Even the slot count can be handled by removing almost everything on this map. Highly configurable!

  2. Hey so I was playing ravens burg and I went in to the middle bridge which is really close to the shop with a semi and low loader but the trailer especially with a load gets flung up in the air and I lose my load I am not caught on anything it’s the maps problem I’m pretty sure do you mind telling him thank you.

  3. in console its really limiting couse it has like a lot of slots already used in new farmer and farm manager… i think they should lower that but it must be hard couse of all the detail. thats the only thing i dont like bout this map

  4. I see you dont use Global… should i not? I only really use it for the icons…. since the horse helper doesnt work….

  5. “It’s been 20 minutes and farmer cop hasn’t crashed yet, that’s impressive”
    Immediately crashes

    Great map though! Think I’ll give it a go

  6. This got me so excited that I started with this map right after seeing your video. Thanks so much man..

    Sidenote.. why isn't there anyway to plant clover, or am I being silly? I'm new to the game, btw.

  7. In farm manger and start from scratch, all the placeables are there but equipment is gone. Also it has a nice plow texture to the fields and you start with cows no matter what starting level

  8. Just a few FYI s. The manure pipe system does not work on the already placed items. I placed my own pig enclosure and cow shed, the manure pipes work. In the pig pen ( base game pen) it gave me the option to build the water pipes. I placed a mod cow shed and I only got a choice to customize the water pipes ( not construct )
    I am afraid to start going to much in the map because surely there will be map updates they will probably involve doing a new save.

  9. Great map tour 👍on the best German map we have in the game. Honestly if you have never been to the German countryside, play this map. Even the roadsigns are accurate.
    The forklift says (dealer). TopAce888 did the same on Minibrunn. It belong to the dealer, you can use it, but it is not yours

  10. Great, funny map tour. The liquid fertilizer tank had me laughing pretty good & wondering, are you blonde by chance? LOL! Great job as always. Love it!

  11. That is an interesting map, you could multiplayer on this with a few spots to build a farm and have fun with your friends on this and the fields are nice/maneuverable. Good sell points too on both sides of canal. Are the boats hauler or sell points?

  12. I dont mind the longer tours. I want to see it al since i probably wont play it. Cutting a shit ton of trees on willamina forest now


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