SENSATIONAL NEW MODS (DRONE!!) (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 18th Nov 2020.


SENSATIONAL NEW MODS (DRONE!!) (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 18th Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Modern Dog House Pack By: Dasch_Modding, Weather Station By: Kirjen, Shed Pack (24m, 32m, 40m) By: Mach1–Andy/MA7, The Northern Coast Sheds By: GreenBale, Placeable Constructions Houses By: Sphinx, Roller RDC 3450 By: Holzs FS, Lizard Cultivators Pack By: Nico Du 55, Subsoiler Lizard 9 Rods By: Conta Comigo Modding, Bandeirante Virtuos 1300 By: Farm Centro Sul, New Holland CR10.90 US By: Whiskey Sierra Modding/Adub Modding ABP Team/SiiD, International Transtar By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding)Pickup 1969 Brazil By: Conta Comigo Modding, AFM Santana 88 Pickup By: AFModding, 24 ton Beavertail lowloader By: GreenBale, Transport Trailer 25M By: Piazada Do Farm/ZT Modding & Agricultural Drone By: Tailan/Erik/Team IWMM/Agro Mods.



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  1. The Drone is great but is it possible to extend the arms the spray length .that will just be so so mutch better.and the mod would be complete!!now as it currently is I am not using it as a sprayer but just as a drone to check out the farm. because the capacity is to low and the spray length not sufficient

  2. Can someone help me I cannot seem to find the International Transtar under the Modhub and it's driving me crazy because I want to test drive this truck so bad. Anyhelp will be greatly appreciated!

  3. I can't get my header to stay in place with the new low loader
    trailer it fits but when I rotate the crane it falls off

  4. If Giants used the Fortnite Helicopter flight physics, this drone would be near perfect.
    Having said that, imagine a helicopter in game like the mosquito or viatnam era bubble ball cockpit Bell ( for large maps herding and spraying duties )

  5. Wot a collection of mods love the pick up and land rover but it looks so nice it would b a shame to ruin the back by putting pallets in it truck fantastic gonna get rid of man trucks g8 show again

  6. I assume you are using the same map every time? Would be nice to see you running vehicles over a short suspension test course. This would give a peek into driving behavior.

  7. Maybe its already been mentioned but on the drone I see how they are making this 'fly'. In reality its still driving on wheels on the ground and that is what you experenced with the collision it basicly is like a telehandler your raise the arm up/down to make it go up and down and then your driving it on invisible wheels. Its the same concept of how the ferry mod works on PC it looks like it floats on the water but it really is driving on huge wheels and the path the ferry can drive on has to be a specific depth below the water level.

  8. I can't be 100% sure but the international truck is identical to the one used in the first terminator movie that blows up. But if I buy 1 and a T800 drives it on my farm it will be uninstalled 😂😂😂

  9. Don't worry about missing things. The peeps that go on about it. well maybe they should try tubing. Keep up the good work

  10. Great mod review! Been looking forward to the cabover International coming to console! We actually used to have a international just like that on our farm that we used to haul grain off the fields with a east dump trailer similar to the west trailer we just got! The only difference is ours had a sleeper on it so the cab was a bit longer. They did a great job on the details it is spot on! The sound they used is awesome as well! Dont worry about what some people say you do a fantastic job on the mod reviews! You cant ever please everyone. Keep up the hard work it is appreciated greatly!

  11. I think the drone collision is more of a limitation of the game engine rather than a bug. As far as I can figure there is no way to remove collisions on wheels, I was trying to make a tractor “float” so I didn’t need to worry about crop destruction when I have to fire a worker mid-field and it might be possible but as far as I can tell there has to be a collision with the ground to produce friction.

  12. I love the idea of the drone, but the noise they make would drive me mad. I know they sound like that but.. just not for me

  13. I was going to dislike the video because of the stupid mods like a drone And a statue of a cow. However I cannot do that to your videos as they are still yet very Informative. It’s not your fault If you miss any information or controls as some of them take a hell of a long time for you To set up. I’m still a loyal watcher of your channel and watch every video sometimes twice. Keep up the great work Mr Seeley p.


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