SilverRun Forest (Platinum Expansion) | Map Review | Farming Simulator 22


Start 0:00
Intro 0:22
PDA, Sell points, Starting land 2:08
Starting Equipment 11:03
Farm tour 12:01
Fly Over 19:38
Drive around 40:13

The fourth Giants delivered map for Farming Simulator 22 is here with SIlverRun Forest a forestry focused map with 9 unique production points and lots of eye candy. Watch as we put this latest Giants map thru the FK review process. How well does it score?

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  1. I bought the land right next to the mine and placed the furnace right there next to it. You even hovered the Furnace almost right where I placed it @31:29. My preffered orientation isn't immediately obvious, and took multiple placings before I was happy with it. Aparrently it doesn't like being fed by belts, so it needs a tipper at the Furnace's input trigger. This setup has shown me that the mine's production is ever so slightly more than the furnace's consumption.

  2. Speaking of old innovative maps. did you ever play or even see Joran's Farm by Maverick74 for FS 17? I still consider that the best map ever made.

  3. Why Giants would not include the ground texture that they actually used for the map is beyond me. I tried to paint some area matching to the default dirt but its not included.

  4. HI there Farmer great review as always, it has been a long time since i've visited your livestream (EU here), but do you by any chance know if Giants is going to give us a placeable iron mine for the other maps in an update? Or can we use the Terrafarm mod to farm the iron ore on other maps and can it be used as an input for the smelter? Loving the new buildings, vehicles and equipment but i am still too invested in a gorgeous farm on Haut-Beyleron :). Cheers.

  5. The (new/southern) sawmill is broken in the release version. The door is always closed and there is no way to open them to access store trigger or the warehouse.

  6. Looks good but I think they should have just based the map in Norway or Sweden since most of the equipment probably wouldn't be found in North America.

  7. I can't play it theres virtually no dropped kerbs ,Not even at the petrol station (gas Station). and businesses with no parking for customers ,so goldcrest valley .

  8. (Haha, just stating, I wrote this before I came to the ‘fishing for non-forestry-players’- bit in your video ;-)) It looks like a top notch map for the forest people. I toyed a tiny bit with forestry work in another FS version. But that is a long time ago. Maybe this map will make me try my hand at forestry again. When was forestry introduced to FS? I think it was sort of new in FS, when I tried it.

  9. I have not been a big fan of logging but if what I have seen so far works as well as expected this may change my mind and will give it a try. I like the fact that they have added new production in a big way. I guess we really have to start out small and sell logs to get money to buy the production plants one at a time so we can build the roller coaster and boat production. I hope they have a lot of contracts for deadwood and stone as this looks like a way to make some money to build up the bank account. The map review was great as it give a good look as to what to expect as always thanks for a good job.

  10. heh, 54:00 ish fishing for the forestry haters! Yeah, you can't please everyone no matter what you do. It is a gorgeous map, I can't wait. It will be a couple days until I get the time to play anyway, so no mad rush on release. Thanks for the tour, I have watched a few playthroughs so far but your channel is by far the most informative on everything going on with this DLC.

  11. Is there a link somewhere that lists the FS22 sell points and what they take ?
    What does the Bowling Alley, Fire House, Hotel Etc Take as inputs.
    00:45:32. Strange to see what looks like an outdoor Water heater on the outside of the Building,
    When I lived in the Pacific North West I got Cold out LOL
    Mike M.


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