THE F350 IS HERE – Mod Review for 4/26/2021 – Farming Simulator 19


Daily review of all the newly released mods on the Farming Simulator 19 ModHub! I review mods for all platforms, and mods for PC/MAC players only. Enjoy!

Farmer Cop

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Mod Updates
1:36 – New Maps!
2:02 – John Deere 9020 Series
4:51 – Lizard F350 Super Duty
10:31 – Ursus C360 Covers
11:24 – Gorenc Granoter 280
12:10 – Amazone ZA OC 900
13:09 – Herculano CH16000RG
14:32 – Orkel TX 130
16:17 – Bird Scarer Avitrac 18S
17:10 – Old Iron Gate
17:39 – Wood Tower

John Deere 9020 Series:

Lizard F350 Super Duty:

Ursus C360 Covers:

Gorenc Granoter 280:

Amazone ZA OC 900:

Herculano CH16000RG:

Orkel TX 130:

Bird Scarer Avitrac 18S:

Old Iron Gate:

Wood Tower:

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  1. Just want you to know you're the first youtuber I've ever actually "clicked that Bell" for. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

  2. Nice Mod review! I'm gonna have to try that F350 out on one of my saves.

    Also, I've got a question about something. I think I might have found a bug with Quiethitnan's GWN and Lizard pallet packs. The diesel fuel tank pallets don't seem to be able to fill tractors or equipment up directly. It only works if you fill a fuel trailer up, drain the pallet, then fill the tractor/vehicle up by the trailer. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but do you know where I could notify him of it?

  3. On the F350 light config #2 is in the front bumper or right under the grill depending on which bumper you choose great vid 👍👊


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