TLX 2020 Removed, JD Mods, BulletBill Is Back! | Farming Simulator 22


Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
TLX Removed, JD Mods, BulletBill Is Back!

0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:10 – Top Stories
0:22 – PC Testing
1:26 – Console Testing
2:21 – Mods Waiting
2:29 – New Mods Out Now
2:41 – TLX 2020 Removed
4:01 – John Deere 5075E
4:42 – John Deere 110 4×4
5:23 – John Deere 100 Baler
6:02 – Anteater Tractor
6:39 – New Holland 9682
7:14 – Energreen Released
8:09 – Power Tools Update
9:00 – Borger Separator
9:27 – Almost Finished
9:46 – BulletBill Is Back
10:42 – Outro

Today’s New Mods –
Mod Testing List –
Giants Support –
82 Studio –
J.A –
Sleutjes –
ARMteam –
EY –
Whiskey Sierra –
NH 6982 Download –
Energreen Download –
EDOmod –
White Bull –
BulletBill –

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  1. Great video DJ, I'd love to see lone oak farm being brought into FS22 in the future absolutely loved that map

  2. Even without the TLX my Xbox one S still crashes and freezes with no warning or anything gets pretty irritating if you ask me

  3. International Harvester 7488 or known by its nickname Snoopy. I'm looking forward to further information on the mod.

  4. DJ, is there a way to get rid of those stupid bales in the store? Whats up with Giants cant even enjoy looking at your equipment before purchasing. Btw love your vids Dj keep up the great work😁👍

  5. Hey Dj been trying to use the new 60ft header and it has some bugs. The header will not set down on its trailer without launching up into the air. And the header wheels are too high. Leaves lots of patches of crop behind. Just wondering if you know of an update coming soon? Thanks

  6. They need to give us a truck to use for the goose neck trailer no point in having one if we can't haul it around

  7. Wonder if they tried looking for the crash in offline mode… all my crashes happen with internet connection active.. go into offline mode, no issues… soo download mods.. restart game.. go offline.. go play crash-free

  8. Goes to show you they didn't test the TLX 2020 very good. Funny how they look over some and give some the full going over.

  9. the anteater….was a nickname….its a IH that pivits just in front of the cab… it looks like a 1586 but like i said pivits in the middle ..kinda weird tractor but very neat..cant wait to see it done

  10. go figure David aka82 studio wud make a truck soooooo good…that it brings to life..dormant unknown bugs…lol… Get-R-Done …lol

  11. Yeah my game has crashed on multiple occasions in the shop and i have to save the game every time i use it just incase. I hope it gets fixed soon

  12. Do the tlx vid or ur losing 200 minimum subs. My entire high school is subbed to u and we will lovely all unsub

  13. I use the modded JD X9 1100 with the 60ft header and anytime those two mods come within a close proximity my game will crash.


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