TOP 10 MODS FOR ALL PLATFORMS – Farming Simulator 22


This is my list of my personal top 10 mods for all platforms on Farming Simulator 22. Links to all mods are below.

LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT:

More Honey Pallet Place Options:

Claas And Krone Baler Pack With Lizard R90:

Field Creator:

Fermenting Silo:

Lizard Durus 60ft:

Liftable Pallets:

TLX X52 Tipper:

Silos Multi Fruit:

John Deere CS 770:

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  1. Great Content!! I just discovered FS22 last week (not a huge gamer) and fell in love with it. I did play Farm Simulator way back – when it was extremely boring. Vastly different now, and you make it even more enjoyable helping me figure out various aspects. You are my go-to! 🙂 subscribed now.

    I absolute adore playing survival….$0, an old truck, and a chainsaw, and try to use mods that make it fair or makes reasonable sense (like Lumberjack for stumps) and any variations.

    Off topic Question – is it possible to add sellpoints but not own the land? Like on No Man's Land, I wanted to add the Wholesale sellpoint, but needed to buy land for that, and then you can't sell it back with that building on there.

  2. I'm looking for a mod that shows tractor specs and trailer or attachment HP requirements on the HUD. Something that shows my tractor has 300 HP and the attachment I have hooked up requires 350 HP.

  3. hi farmer cop ive got a question about one of the mod items
    with those bailers in one you can add something called silage addative do you and can you tell me what this does if you add it to the bailer

  4. What is the alternative to Number 4 that you said is available for PC? You mentioned it is possibly better so I wanted to check it out. I love this entire list, though! Thanks for making your content!

  5. Anyone else having issues with the 60ft header? I sold all my stock pile to get the last Fendt combine (base model, no upgrades) and it’s still jumping over crop, am I missing something or is it a known problem with the creator???

  6. Would be fantabulous if BlackSheep Modding would make another 16-20 meter plow like we had in FS19. There's some fields were those would be extremely handy

  7. The Darus 60FT head leaves crop in middle of fields. Definitely a bug I have to harvest it in different directions to remove beans from field.

  8. The 9m plow is great, but I remenber there was a 26m plow which was released very close to the end of FS19. I really hope this comes ti FS22

  9. that 60ft header sucks unless it's been updated. the wheels under the header stick down too far when harvesting. If the terrain isn't level, it'll bounce and you miss a whole line of crops.

  10. Lots of great mods. Your number 8 the tipper trailer has one other feature, you can hook another same tipper in tandem behind it with a Dolley attachment.

  11. Thank you for choosing my Fermenting Silo and my Multifruit Silos as part of your Top 10 Mods. I feel very honored 🙂

  12. In my opinion a great feature about the fermenting silo production building is that you can also use it as storage and just take out the grass/hay/chaff when you need it.


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