Let’s check out all the big features that we currently know about Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. I hope they expand the Alpine map.,
    In 19 it currently feels like its a bit lacking comparing it to other official and mod maps.
    But i still love it, really glad its gonna be in 22 from the get go.

    Some of those engine upgrades look good! 😎

  2. Seasonal cycles in FS22 will act like the Season's mod with a "simplified" version addon, so ALL crops will be plantable in Spring and Summer, and will take 1 season to grow. Crops planted in spring will be ready by summer, and crops planted in summer will be ready by fall. Only a few things will be plantable in the fall, like grass, and grass will grow every season except winter. Exceptions will be for things like Poplar trees, which will take 2 seasons to grow, and will pause growth during winter.

  3. The ONE thing I really want for 22 is:

    In the shop, in the list of items that link to the item you are looking at, MAKE THEM LINKS!

  4. Still no Canadian map for console I bet. Wont buy until I know there is atleast one. Not making the same mistake i made with fs19. Bought that thinking there should be atleast one Canadian console map lol and Still dont have one for fs19. its sad tbh. They have a million Brazilian maps and Polish crap but cant implement one Canadian map for console players? Ridiculous.

  5. It would be badass If when it snowed that there’s a chance that it’ll be a blizzard and ya couldn’t see nothing, and the snow on the ground got thicker

  6. im hoping joining a modded server is gonna be way better improved. Lets say if i try join i server i think i should be able to download all there mods with one click on the button as long all the mods are atleast from modhub

  7. Need to have contracts. Like I sell my grain and I have to deliver it Choice pacific elevator and specific time add a price or the possibility to trigger a cell


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