VINEHOUSE // Grapes and Olives are EASY // Farming Simulator 22 Gameplay


VINEHOUSE! Grapes and Olives are EASY! A Grape and Olive Greenhouse that shoots out pallets of the hard to harvest treat! Now you can make your oils, juices, raisins, and wines with ease instead of a HUGE Field and Lots of start up capital! Check it Out!

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  1. Has ne1 had this keep popping up on ur screens : application error the exception breakpoint has been reached , then every think shuts down . Its driving me nuts 😒

  2. You seem like a no BS type of person….so you will give me a straight answer (if you have one) Do you know when patch 1.3 is coming out to FS22…I play on the PS4 and I keep having my games crash (really starting to piss me off)…thinking about switching to either a PS5 or a PC don’t know if this will make a hill of beans but in my mind it will lol just being new technology and not old tech I guess
    Keep up the awesome work and remember that country music singer that sang that song “it’s alright to be little bitty” 😂

  3. If ever at the race track DO NOT EVER bet on the horse named "Adhesive" . Just sayin' he ain't going to win . "Dog Food "is a bad name to bet on also . Save the cash and bet on " By A Nose " to place .

  4. The reversed one means that the drop off area is on the other side, the original greenhouse have the drop off is on the right hand side, reverse one have em on the left side

  5. Coming to the greenhouses is a successful development for friends who want to obtain more products… Maybe it could be arranged as an orchard.

    I wish there was "Table Salt" like "Road salt" in the game. or if we obtained table salt from salt ponds. We could get "table olives".
    Olive + Table Salt + Packaging > Table Olives

    There are black grapes in the game. Can we add red grapes and white grapes to greenhouses (orchard)?
    Is it very difficult to add in the form of viticulture?

  6. I'm using the small floodlight on my farm. Theyre a little taller than I like but they do a good job lighting up the farm at night.
    Also the old lantern post or whatever its called, is small and gives out quite a bit of light.

  7. Mr D sir,i do believe u need to buy yourself a good karaoke set to sing out your sorrow heart from selling the horsey..

  8. The greenhouses a reversed to do so you have 2 greenhouses whit the pallets spawn towards itself… so you need to put Down one of the normal greenhouses and one there is reversed 😉 problem solved 😉

    Like your vids 💪🏼

  9. Don't know that, you have seen my comment. And a little bit updated comment. You should also use the GPS mod. You can do field works more straight. And the corseplay mod, it will make feild workes smart and controllable. You should also use the Autodrive mod, it will make, driving cars and tractors so easy. And you can hire a AIworker for the Vines and the Olives. And there is a unload combine feature in it. You should see the tutorial of it. And you should also use the Front Lifter mod, if you use it, you can do some insane things .


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