WHY USE THE RTK STATION? – Precision Farming DLC TEST – Farming Simulator 19


This is a guide to give you the knowledge you need to handle the new precision farming DLC. In this part of the series we will test to see what the RTK station does for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Those are fascinating results. Just did similar test on big field 1 after watching your video,on chellington fir ploughing and it was over 40mins quicker.
    Really pays for itself over course of a season.

  2. Thx again for another video explaining a question I had… If I was to guess why the plowing had biggest change, I’d suspect the turning at the end of each pass, number of passes for each piece of equipment.

  3. I've been reading a study (for a research project I'm working on) which says that Precision Farming mostly has implications in terms of making tillage more efficient. This might explain your results.

  4. The RTK station, will have an impact on the use of seeds, fertilizer and lime used, not the time used, despite thats what Giants states, in the help menu.
    But it will be more precise, both with the AI Helper, but also on Automastic when you do the work your self and use less fertilizer, to hit the most desired fertilizer state, to the crop you grow, in the soil type your on.
    Therefore you should lime the field before plowing.
    Then seed what you want to grow there, and the fertilize with fertilizer, manure or liquid manure.

  5. Reminder RTK only adds 11% difference which isnt mutch. Also made another mistake the fert is dependant on the crop planted where lime is dependent on soil type.

  6. I couldn’t tell if you took soil samples of the field. If you didn’t, this would explain no effect for sowing and fertilisation. Great test video. Thanks

  7. For some strange reason, the workers leave a large gap in between of a field in Eureka Farms. I will try plowing it again today and see if it fixes it.

  8. I have not used it on any map yet where I do contracting, I hear it literally breaks contracts and you can max out a field and still only deliver 70% of crop to market vice the usual 90% and get to sell off 10% of the contract harvest to make extra cash on contracts.

  9. I think the RTK station reduces the amount of overlap for each pass, so with narrower implements, you have more passes which is more overlap on the overall field. That being said, I'm surprised that you didn't see an improvement on the seeding, since it was 9.0 meters, and then you did see an improvement on harvesting with the 13.7 meter header. A short video comparing a small cultivator to a large cultivator might be interesting.

  10. I can’t wait for that seasons tutorial I need it so bad, I added seasons to my 45 hour savegame. I already think I screwed up. The only experience I have with seasons is from fs17 and watching some Sim Farmer gameplay.


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