A Guide to Cows in Farming Simulator 19!!


Everything you need to know when it comes to setting up, caring for, feeding, cleaning, and selling cows in Farming Simulator 19!!

Farmer Cop

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  1. Hi Farmer Cop. Thanks for your video. It's very informative. What do I do with the TMR if I mess up the TMR mixture? Thx.

  2. The animal manager in me is screaming lol. In the real world, TMR is the term used to define the animals entire diet. essentially, the 65% TMR, 25% Hay, and 10% fodder IS the Total mixed ration. its also way more complex, taking into account protein and other elements of an animals feed. ugh the way they implemented TMR into this game makes me mad.

  3. How is this dude so helpful but only got 18 thousand subscribers I appreciate you going into all the details thanks for the help bro

  4. Question you say when full last 10 ingame days. But does that take into account the extra cows from reproducing or not?

  5. A good tutorial but I think you should do a beginner tutorial on a base game map so people can learn where to find the buy and sell points. It would also have avoided the confusion about the update.

  6. how much does a cow sell for once its done and how long does that take?
    great content, i always watch the videos to help me better myself on this game.

  7. On a side note there Farmer Cop. I just got me some horses last night. Did you know you can ride them all over the whole map? Pretty cool to explore that way.
    Also, where can I get the horse helper mod? I looked in the in game mod hub, but didn’t see it…. is it a third party mod, or did I miss it?

  8. Are you 100% sure that the Alpine Expansion changed the feed rates of cows? I ask because for one it seems odd that they would change a core feature like how the cows operate in the Alpine Expansion but not the base game update, but more so because other youtubers that are playing with the Alpine Expansion such as Kederk Farms as well as anecdotal accounts of others players with Alpine/Premium edition still having the normal 100%, 75%, 25% values. I think that may actually be a mod changing those values for you; you should load up a vanilla game to check.

  9. I discovered you don't need a bale shredder attachment or wagon if you have a TMR mixer wagon. Fill the TMR mixer and with straw and then empty at the straw point.

  10. Not sure if you tested this already, but I just got into cotton and I'm wondering if the harvester repair level affects yield the same as a normal harvester? The cotton pickers are extremely needy and lose a quarter repair after a medium size field so seeing data on how that affects yield would really help, I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to pull them out of the field halfway and use my mobile repair station trailer mod to fix them. Total pain in the ass but if I'm losing say 10% yield on the last half of the field it's totally worth the trouble given the price of cotton.

  11. I have 55 black and white cows and it’s been two days (in game) but they have not produced any milk, and slurry. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  12. I’ll have to check, but I’m fairly certain, that I have not seen a “how to” for horses. If you haven’t done one, well that’s my suggestion for a future video. Thanks for the great fs19 videos!

  13. How about a series that you try to make money only using animals. No farming and no forestry I haven't seen that done before.

  14. For slurry/manure production, should you go with same coloured cows (i.e. all brown), a mix of colours, or does it even matter? Thx


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