Alpine Farming DLC ACTUAL GAMEPLAY | First Look | Farming Simulator 19


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Alpine Farming DLC ACTUAL GAMEPLAY | First Look | Farming Simulator 19

Here it is! The moment we have all been waiting for! The new DLC from Giants is here and its a doozy – with a new map and 30 new peices of equipment its a whole playset – Get out there and have some fun!

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  1. This new map does allow train riding but it doesn't allow for animal pens. The only way you can have cows here is if you do a beginner farm where you get a starting farm and vehicles at the start.

  2. As always, thanks for the video. Train return time from Felsburn is 3 min 20 seconds at the soonest you can control it and 3 min 10 seconds to see it.

  3. the Aebi tractor is meant to drive on very steep slopes where normal tractors can't go. That also explains the ability to shift the front attachment so you can easily adjust the attachment according to the field. Never seen one in action so i can't give you any examples, but i'm sure there's something on youtube.

  4. farming equipment varies on price depending on where it was made, the job that it does and its importance, the quality of build and the technology in it. some company that make tractors machinery and even cars make there machines ether cheaper to buy and get more sales and also make money of the parts, other company's make equipment heaver and longer lasting but have to charge more all tho the person getting the new machine will get more work and reliability out of it than they would get from the cheaper machine and some of the largest company's pray on the ignorant people that don't know any better and sell complex machines that are made with cheep parts but have alot of electronics in them to makes only parts fitted by the manufacturer work. so they charge a high price for the machine, the parts and the labor to fix it and you can only get a decant resale price if you trade it in for a new one from the same brand. john Deere, BMW cars, apple products like phones and tablets, a lot of mower, bike and tool manufactures do similar by putting a long parts warranty but charging stupid labor to fix them

  5. 👍. Dlc does look good. Out of the equipment and vehicles. There is nothing that isn’t in game all ready. Plus they have left that really really annoying air compressor sound in. Why? It doesn’t even sound like a compressor. And who ever thinks it’s due to breaks listen 👂. IMO not really a good price for just a map.

  6. The DLC drops on my birthday lol. On a side note, ive been watching your videos for a while and i never knew you moved to europe. Thats awesome :p

  7. Can't wait to see this series, I'm the same guy that said I was sad to see the campaign of France map go. Love your videos man, keep up the good work.

  8. love the new map, but I still can't help feeling disappointed when I think of all the things Giants could have added to the game beyond equipment. oh well. as luck would have it I'm off Thursday, so I'll be checking out your new series while I start my new farm! 😉

  9. Awesome review as always. One question, does the "truck" mounted loading wagon need to go backwards to load, or could you have a mower on the front and have the wagon load as you are mowing?

  10. Cab less buhrer! One of my favorite trackers. I’m definitely going to get this dlc right away. One question, how do you recharge the electric tractor?

  11. Rigi is mountain / holiday region in Switzerland and has absolutely nothing to do with the English word 'rigid'. This is where the company HQ is.

  12. I've been to Switzerland and it could be any small town there. There our hundreds of little towns and villages in valleys like this. This to me almost seems like Vaduz, Liechtenstein though. Surrounded by tall mountains with a castle and other older chateau style houses up higher.


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