Alpine Farming DLC Electric Tractor Challenge – Setting up the farm


What better way to check out the new Alpine Farming DLC map and complete some of my animal achievements than to challenge myself to run a farm using only the new Rigitrac SKE 50 Electric tractor!

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  1. I would get two of the E- tractor so one can charge while using the other. Is the pull behind harvester public? If so could I get the link, please? The landscaping tool is extremely frustrating.

  2. I thought I would try using these small equipment, yeah that lasted about an hour. Couldn’t do it. 😔

  3. I know this is a little off topic but its about the course play. When i try and set up a GrainCarter CP the cart only stops at the second waypoint when dumping the two hopper truck, he just skips the first waitpoint and dumps in the back hopper

  4. The little Rigi that could!! Awesome, been meaning to ask you if you're gonna check out this DLC.. living in Switzerland, it's great to see an "american farmer" trying itself on some smaller/european equipment!


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