American Life Farming by Lancyboi | Farming Simulator 19 Map First Look


In this video we take an early first look at American Life Farming, an American Map based in Ohio by Lancyboi that is soon to be released on PC and Console!

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  1. The grain bins that appear to be under construction or partly demolished are actually old school corn cribs. They used to be filled with whole ears of corn which were harvested with the old corn pickers mounted on side of a tractor and deposited into a towed wagon. Even older than the wire cage corn bins are the old wooden slat types which few remain these days, but occasionally you may see a few survivors. (Boyhood memories)

  2. There isn't really a starting seeder or planter for a US map, the Great Plains is the most fitting, but isn't a starter… Loading wagons are very rare (almost none) in the US. A baler would be far more appropriate.

  3. looking forward to playing on this map plus hope you can walk inside the house like a person can with the lone oak house

  4. I wish they would give us an early preview of half of the ingame maps of fs22.. or clues on what the farm yards COULD look like before late July. (Caps to strongly say what I mean.)

  5. Hey VF, what you thought was Chicken farm is the Livestock Market/ Animal Dealer for Cows, Sheep, Pigs, and Chickens.(It also uses Ravenport’s Livestock Market Buildings.) Other Animal Dealer is Equestrian Center and there for sells Horses. Other than that great map preview, Awesome Job!!

  6. WOW! Great looking Map Lancyboi great job! I am from the USA and you have done a great job looks as good if not better than any USA map that I have seen I will definitely be playing on this map. Great Job!


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