Camper stranded in haunted swamp | Farming Simulator 19 camping and mudding


We get lost in a haunted forest. We have to go through mud, water and swamp land to try and escape. We find an abandoned church, a haunted house, and a scary house.

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  1. Hi. My grandson loves your channel and he’s 4. I never have to worry about inappropriate verbiage and it’s always been age appropriate. Sadly as he was watching tonight he selected this video and needless to say he buried his head after 3-4 minutes and was so scared he couldn’t leave my side. We truly enjoy the time and videos you and Hudson create…but this is really scary for littles. 😢 Your little dude displayed similar emotions. This is not a shame message; just one to encourage content to remain fun and enjoyable for young children. I feel bad for other adolescents who were frightened for likely some time (unbeknownst to parents) who trust the content. I appreciate the consideration.

  2. I love your channel so much I will I will watch it all day if I had to high I love your chicken so so so so so so so so so yup


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