“CHELLINGTON VALLEY” ON CONSOLE! Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19.


“CHELLINGTON VALLEY” ON CONSOLE! Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19. PS5. Map by: Oxygendavid/Farming agency/Alien paul. New Mod Map! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Been playing this map for a month. Sheep 🐑 have had straw from day 1. Just coming into second summer. Still no manure. Any ideas? Keep the great vids coming.

  2. From the U. S. here. Love everything about this map! The Flying Scotsman is amazing and goes right past my little cottage with the castle view. I own the main farm just for the animal pens (my grandparents live in the main house. 🙂 Felt kind of odd plowing the field next to the castle, but I almost drove into the moat for staring at the beautiful building.

  3. There's a glitch where if you save and exit with a contract started. When you reload it completes the contract

  4. Possibly one of the nicest farmhouse interiors ever and you spend the first 5minutes facing the same bloody direction!!!


  6. Ever think of doing a face cam? I can't remember if you said anything about that in one of your videos. I'm not talking about live streaming.

  7. Hi MrSealyP, do you know what seasons geo would go good with this map? Advise would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and keep up the great work and awesome videos!!

  8. great map analysis, there is a LOT on this map.
    just a small reminder to those that like this map but are a little bit worried about the slot count.
    Chellington is a big map, when at the shop, buy 2 of what you need, the original implement needed might well be 30+ slots but your duplicate item will only be 1 or 2 slots.

  9. It’s a great map but .. what really bothers me is the fact that some / most bunker silos not working like they should.
    In every map oxy uses the same bunker silos and they all have issues.
    I think for a great mapmaker like him this could / must be fixed .

  10. I just deleted most of my small tractors and got this map. It's an absolutely fantastic map and every time I play in the fields and drive around the country side I'm blown away.

  11. Hold on I thought this map wasn't coming to console if my memory serves me correct did I miss out on something

  12. This map is amazing. I'm playing on this map on my playstation 5 love lock it, and amazing video to mate love from australia!!!

  13. Just 2 weeks ago we weren't getting Chellington, Buck's County or Millenial Farm on console. So glad the issues were resolved and all 3 will be on console soon.

  14. Could have definitely done with a 2 part review. It's simply an amazing map. I just wish I had the space to drive around it myself!

  15. Thanks for these map reviews, makes our life so much easier picking a map to play on ! Keep up the good work !!

  16. Would like to see the guys that are crying about these maps are overrated make something similar lol

  17. i played this map on fs15 it was good i was let down on 17 then i actully nearly fainted when it came out for fs19

  18. If you're having issues with slots but want some level of UK realism, I thought I'd post how I've set my farm up for others to see. Chellington Valley, 6 day seasons, precision farming and Sussex farms geo. I try to keep machinery as close to UK reality as possible but my play style isn't always 100% realistic due to time constraints and slot/bale constraints. I keep all my straw, hay, grass loose in a silo for example.

    NH T5 115 – 15 slots – blaueu
    MF 6616 – 15 slots- blaueu
    DF 9340 – 19 slots – blaueu
    CR9.90 – 21 slots – stv-modding
    Huddig 1260e City- 23 slots – NMC
    AFM Santana 88 – 13 slots – afmodding
    Lizard tb16 – 9 slots – euro agri modding
    NH 900H – 11 slots – agrosketch
    Cressoni CRX 720 – 9 slots – smi modding
    Horsch Joker 12rt – 14 slots – Giants
    Horsch Serto 12sc – 16 slots – Giants
    Bredal k105 – 22 slots – tf 2020 mods
    Joskin tornado – 6 slots – mefiufs
    Samson pg2 20 – 6 slots – Giants
    Samson td12 – 6 slots – mefiufs
    Vicon extra 7100t – 10 slots – Giants
    Vicon extra 732ft – 8 slots – Giants
    Shuitemaker rap165 – 15 slots – mefiufs
    Lizard flatbed – 8 slots – jeytav
    Lizard electric chainsaw – 1 slot – mantrid
    Stihl ms660 – 1 slot – driver300
    Lizard forestry module – 2 slots – jeytav
    Anderson a700 – 6 slots – Giants
    Lizard sirocco – 5 slots – 76-max
    Csz dozer blade – 1 slit – ddmodpassion
    Csz multi bucket – 2 slots – ddmodpassion
    Csz log fork – 1 slot – ddmodpassion
    Csz bag handler – 1 slot – ddmodpassion
    Agco ng1100 – 5 slots – stv-modding
    Isaria scout – 4 slots – Giants
    Nmc stump grinder – 4 slots – nmc
    Nmc g85 – 3 slots – nmc
    Lizard water pump x3 – 3 slots – Giants
    Lizard small multifruit silo extension XL – 3 slots – topace888
    Lizard multi silo – 3 slots – c+s modding
    Small rtk station – 2 slots – mefiufs
    Lizard sleep trigger – 1 slot – greenbale

    168 spare slots!

  19. What an outstanding map from Oxy ! Started it yesterday. Wow…… Going to keep me busy. Please do a Let's play on this one Mrsealy…

  20. I'm almost 3 hours on this already. I like it because you can move farms and play like its a new map each time.


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