Courseplay – A Simple Guide for Combines – Farming Simulator 19


Courseplay is a fantastic mod for PC that allows you to run jobs on your farm at the same time, it’s a huge improvement on the in-game helpers and if you play Farming Simulator 19 on PC it’s a great way of extending your gameplay. This tutorial is aimed at Farming Simulator 19 players who have never used it before and it talks you through the basics of how to get started and carry out basic combining tasks in a field.

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Courseplay – A Simple Guide for Combines – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. Hi, I have a problem when the combine is full, don't shoot from left to right and when I download it, I leave, I use Course Play, as you can help me, I'm a big fan and if you can make a video

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    I have a problem with the courseplay.When i click drive course the game freezes please help me!!

  3. if your manually driving the combine. Can you call over a tracker to unload you. There's an option that says Call Tracker but one never comes.

  4. Hey farmsim guy. Nice vid but I have 1 question.
    Do you know how to make a tractor come and unload you if you drive the combine yourself? If I let the combine and tractor go automatic it work but when I drive the combine myself the tractor stay at the start location and don't move a inch.

  5. What map are you using for this tutorial?

    I've used CP before but like the idea of 20% overlap and am going to give self unload a go – may try it into an auger wagon and the have a transporter trailer load from that (acts like a buffer).

  6. Hey The farmsimguy. I would suggest ( for the survival at bulls gap) to buy a Massey Ferguson (MF) serie 3000( Which is part of the MF pack)

  7. You dont always have to own the field, if you have a contract on a field the course generator will also work normally there as well .

  8. Great vid. Use CP a lot! One thing to note is that the avoid islands option only works if the field has that setup to be not part of the field. Otherwise it will ignore that and try to cut through the tree, Pylon etc – think It was field 51 on Six Ashes that had this issue last time I encountered recently. Most maps seem to have this setup properly now.

  9. I have Logitech g29 steering wheel I play on PS4 will my Logitech g29 steering wheel work with farming simulator on PS4 please reply please 🙏🙏

  10. For those that like to run a more "square" field, change headland corner type to Turn and see if that helps.


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