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Courseplay is a fantastic mod for PC that allows you to run multiple tractors at the same time, it’s a huge improvement on the in-game helpers and if you play Farming Simulator 19 on PC it’s a great way of extending your gameplay. This tutorial is aimed at Farming Simulator 19 players who have never used it before and it talks you through the basics of how to get started and carry out the main tasks you need to do in a field.

0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Courseplay for Plowing
14:02 – Courseplay for Seeding/Sowing
21:29 – Courseplay for Fertilizing

You can get the latest version here:

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  1. Love the vid 🙂 But I have a question, hopefully someone can help me out. I play on a very large map, 16x and don't always get to finish my course runs. Is there a way, or how do I start my course play from where it left off? I often have to quit half way through harvesting, when I come back I have to re-start the field from scratch. Even with convoy, the fields can take up to 2 or even 3 hours to complete. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. As for your trouble with seeing where you've spread fertilizer, I would recommend using the "soil composition" tab and just hit escape really fast to see where you need to go

  3. Great video. Have just downloaded this mod. Every time I start the driver off it crashes my whole game. Doest matter what map. Any ideas? Thanks

  4. I used the course of a Field for combine it I’m trying to make it course to cultivated but it’s not picking up the field what do I do?

  5. very interesting and so different and easier to fs15 and fs17 course play but i have to sort out my pc it seem to have lower fps for the last couple of days i will play this video on the other pc as i set up course play thankyou The FarmSim Guy for showing how easier for it to set up CP

  6. Just from an outsider's perspective, this seems like a horrendously complicated way of doing some things the game already does. Yeah AI helpers make a mess of most jobs, but it's easier to tidy up after than to spend half an hour in menus plotting grids.

  7. Do i have to do the same things on "ni Mans land" or it Works diffrent on this map? Nvm i found out how to do this on no Mans land

  8. Its my first time using couresplay and i click right mouse button it does not open so i try ctrl delet still does not work so is there any different keys that might open it

  9. I bought the game yesterday. Found some bits to be tedious. After having a look at your video, i think courseplay adds a whole new level of excitement to the game. Thanks for the tutorial. It was great

  10. Excellent video! Courseplay isn't as scary as I once though it would be! I'm using it now for plowing fields. So much better than the vanilla helpers.

  11. hey are you going to be doing a farm series on west texas? also could you link up better american silos that can hold triticale?

  12. It keeps mapping the route into the nextdoor field after the field that I selected…anybody know a fix to this?

  13. Thanks for the tutorials. I haven't tried Course play since FS17 because I had to many issues. Your tutorials are easy to follow. I'm having a lot better luck with it this time.
    I was wandering how I would use course play with two implements, the rear one slightly wider. The John Deere plow and disc harrow from the in game mod hub? Have you tried two implements together like this?

  14. I need help when I select courseplay as I enter a save game all is well until it will never load into game what am I doing wrong it wil stay loading game forever and if I deselect it it loads perfectly

  15. very good video i have a question when i save a course lets say seeder on 17 then i do course on 18 and save it how do i load each course if i wanna run 17 again or go back to 18

  16. Hi, thanks for the video. I've noticed, no seed and fertilizer is actually being used. It just stays at 100%. Is there an option to change it?

  17. When I’m using my two combines on a generated course, my combines go around the headlands infinitely. What should I do?

  18. Awesome vid. I am new to the game and watched many hours of videos to gain what the 20 minutes does. I am still struggling with the grain cart to work .

  19. Fantastic video but would you recommend course play over the default in game helper? I have to say i've noticed that in multiplayer the in game helper does miss a lot in the fields and how well does course play handle a field you make yourself or if you combine fields in the game?

  20. Your video is informative, but it's about 20 minutes longer than it needs to be. I came to look for the information [Youtube] not hang out [Twitch]. You ramble on a lot and had repetitive information in the video.

  21. having issues with courseplay starting on headlands and skipping the first go around. Have to drive past the first point and then start the drive. Its very odd. Came here to see if i was doing something wrong.

  22. Unfortunatell this Case from last part is broken and it is not cooperating with bulit in hire worker also with Courseplay. Shame because it is good looking machine. Hope they will fix it one day.


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