Delivering MILLION dollar luxury cars (We Crash) | Farming Simulator 19


We take on the job of delivering these super expensive cars with our car hauler to their owner. Its our first day on the job and we are scared to crash these million dollar cars. We try our best but lose one on the way, Would you hire us?

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  1. My son Ryan loves watching ye play this game. He likes the old John Deere tractors. Could you say a hello to Ryan, aged 5, on your next video thanks

  2. My son and i are trying to find this game. Is it a picture pf a tractor on the front.. ? I dont understand how they look so different. The farming sim 19 i see is just about farming and tractors….we need help lol he wants to play like u guys.

  3. Hi h playground. I think one day you will own a Ferrari and the exact same one and that one is faster than the Camaro that you had before no I would not let you move my stuff because when I saw u guys grip the car in the river I laugh so hard that I started to cough it was soo funnnny


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