Farming Simulator 19 – Map First Impression – New Lands


New Lands –

Welcome to a new region where you will be able to create your first farm. On this map you start from nothing, there is everything to do starting by clearing the land, drawing Fields and placing your buildings in order to create your farm … To help you move forward, you have 3 sales points available to your cereals, potatoes and beets, sugar cane and 2 outlets for cotton, wool and eggs. If you want to contribute to the creation of BioGaz, you can do so with a plant to buy. But the most important thing is the highway that crosses the map to get you everywhere: points of sale, BGA, your farm … Have fun and show determination in the entrepreneurship that awaits you.

-Season ready
-Season mask
-3 points of sale
-Hobbyist Sawmill
-Point of sale of pellet
-Sale of bale (straw, hay, wrapping)
-Animal dealer

Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer GWENDAL
Category Map
Size 148.03 MB
Released 12.04.2021
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. Property lines: place your own stakes (turn extended placeables OFF) – any cheap placeable will do; maybe a street sign.

  2. The thing about NML was the possibility to create your own map as I did with a BallinCraig and Pemberton map, this wouldn’t suit for that as this seems more geared towards creating your own farm and fields

  3. I define property edges with the biggest plough I can afford! lol What geo are peeps using for this I wonder?

  4. Very nice! Have missed some recent reviews… this is a very nice idea for a "build your own" style of map… very well done with nice details and road layouts… will make for lots of fun for those who are never satisfied with the farm layouts normally built into maps… Thanks for the in depth review and flyaround… awesome job as always!

  5. A suggestion for future sandbox map reviews: see what the paintable foliage layers are. AlienJim added a wonderful palette beyond the base game to allow customization and imo that is the gold standard for these types of maps

  6. I like Maps with Motorways and i like the idea to create own fields and to grow ob byself like nomands land, i dont care about big BGAs, that smal one is good for my usage, thats a good Map for my opinion.

  7. One thing I ran into was that it wont load with the "Store Sales" mod. LUA errors and gets stuck loading. Other than that this a great build your own farm map.

  8. I like how the road system is wide enough to move the big equipment around without issue. Been cutting trees since 8Am living in a house in the city until I can set my farm up.

  9. Looks great. I agree about the concept of NML with roads, shops and villages added being great. I've been hoping for something like this.


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