Farming Simulator 22 | MORE REALISTIC GAMEPLAY


Farming Simulator 22 | The Next Generation | More Advanced Realistic Gameplay
In this video, I talk about the things I would like to see in the next generation of Farming Simulator, that would create a more advanced and immersive level of Gameplay.

I look at the current start-up modes and what could replace ‘Start from Scratch’. I talk about ‘Seasons’ and how the weather could play a bigger part in the game and I look at Precision Farming and how that could be improved further to reflect real life farming practises by improving the following arable tasks:

I look at current in-game footage vs real farming and compare the two to see how the game could be improved in the future.

These are my ideas of what I would like to see in the next generation of Farming Simulator. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and what you would like to see in the game that would create a more enhanced and immersive gameplay experience.

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Visit the in-game ModHub or the official GIANTS Farming Simulator website:

Epidemic Sound


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  1. Comment below and let me know what you think and would like to see in the next generation of the game. And don't forget to Like and Subscribe, to help me grow the channel. Thank you.👍

  2. Thx for the video, i hope for more realism aswell but i fear that most of this wont happen, bad sign is the Seasons mod wich got delayed now.
    Lets hope the best, would be sad to be forced to skip FS22.

  3. How about some driving feel to the game? Game gets boring after 10 minutes of driving, so you end on puting on the helpers. Might as well calll it farming manager.

  4. Insects and pesticides.
    Lightning bugs flying around the Summer nights!
    Better animal interactions, like animals running to the trough when you show up with food, small animal models when they’re young.
    Earcorn harvesting, earcorn grinding for feed, all built into the base game.
    More old stuff and less giant new plastic-paneled machines.
    Better weather. Mud.
    A lot more dust.
    Pedestrian drivers that aren’t idiot law-breakers. Stop at the friggin’ stop signs and look both ways!

  5. Me personally I would like to see dynamic ground and weather
    Lost of crops, live stock due to bad weather,
    Machine's and tooling break downs and signs of wear.
    More interactions with vehicles switches and so forth.
    Tyre wear.
    Above all it needs to be more realistic. As at the moment it's too easy.

  6. Pesticides would be realistic but, in order for it to be effective, the game would need insects?

    What kind of insects, because we all know there is a large range of bugs.

    Maybe the fields could show a variation of bugs eating the crops such as: crickets and ants?

    Or can I buy and spread ladybugs?

  7. All of that is nice and all but more than anything i just want to be able to hire workers and have them do stuff. Give me the option to be a farm manager and order AI around. i can still do stuff on the farm but with so many fields i never could make use of it all. The Ai that's been in the older games are dumber than a bag of rocks

  8. Nice video. Personally I think more older equipment would give the game a more realistic vibe. Also more realistic damage and aging of machinery would be nice.

  9. Think you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to tillage in the game, I’ve often thought that it needs to be more in-depth depending on soil type as it is there’s nothing stopping you from just seeding in one pass with a direct drill regardless of soil type and condition. I’d love to see a system where you have to get the soil to a certain level of condition by using various types of cultivation techniques. In game now I’ll tend to do a heavier cultivation on loamy soil and then a second pass with a lighter disc harrow, if it’s on sandy soil I just use a light cultivation of direct drill. Often I’ll plough even before the game says I need to just to make it more immersive.
    On more of aesthetically note I think it would be good to see a computer controlled worker doing seasonal work in an adjacent field which you don’t own, it does feel lonely on the map at times.

  10. Congrats with a very, very well made video (again 😉)! The mix of game and real life footage makes it stand above all the other ‘what should be in FS21’ videos out there. Now… I think Giants needs to stretch in two directions at the same time. 1- make the pros happy, e.g. by evolving towards all that you mention in this video, and surely the videos still to come as well. 2- make the game easily accessible and genuinely player-friendly. I mean, if someone just wants to play around a bit, things like courseplay, follow-me, simply instruct helpers to go to a field and do a contract or a field, without too much fuss for the player himself, outsource/issue work (in relation to doing contracts for others yourself) seems to me an interesting extension for a different type of let’s play…

  11. While I like your ideas and the realism behind them. Giants seems to be out of touch with the fan base and are just going to keep slapping a new shade of lipstick on the same old pig

  12. Following Andy for a long time. This was interresting, and good points. You would think this is what Giants do, watch real agriculture on Youtube and try to copy it. Although seeing 19 i doubt it. Still play modded 17 though!

  13. That was a thoroughly interesting and informative video, thankyou! I do like a lot your ideas and suggestions for both added realism as well and general game improvements here! I think above all else, having the options in base level game to add or remove realistic gameplay features would be a tremendous improvement.

    Seasons and Precision Farming are by far my favourite two increased realism mods, though Manual Attach has recently popped up on my radar too! And I've found while it's a small thing gameplay wise, the act of having to get out of the tractor in many circumstances to connect hitches, hoses and PTOs adds so much immersion for me.

    With seasons and weather I'd love to see a basic option available for everyone, something that maybe shows off a generic seasonal weather pattern with minimal restrictions on what you can and can't do, but still maintain options for more realistic and weather affected planting, fieldwork and such for more advanced difficulty settings.

    Once again, great video and I look forward to the next part! Cheers mate.


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