Farming Simulator 22 vs Farming Simulator 19 – Direct Comparison! Attention to Detail & Graphics!


Farming Simulator 22 vs Farming Simulator 19 – Direct Comparison! Attention to Detail & Graphics!

In this video you will see a graphic and gameplay comparison between Farming Simulator 22 and Farming Simulator 19!

Both games are being played on the PC at their highest graphical settings.

CPU: i7 9700K
RAM: HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
GPU: GTX 1080 TI
SSD: ADATA Ultimate SU650 480GB

Thank you for watching!!!

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  1. 19 looks so much better I've got farming simulator 22 and I wish I never brought it I might go back to farming sim 19 I love the maps better on fs22 it takes ages because the fields are big

  2. Besides 22s higher density in grass and crops (a good thing) and minor better details in some areas I have to say 19 looks way better, and graphics isn't even close to a selling argument for 22.
    Will have to check gameplay and mechanics videos to sway me over for a buy, as it stands after this vid I'll stick to 2019.
    Thanks for showing the comparison o/

  3. Honestly I don't see much in the upgrade from fs19 to 22. Basically I lost all the DLC I payed for (why not convert it over?). Whilst they improved some things in Giants Editor side of things, it's not really enough. There isn't any significant graphics upgrade and it's still wayyy too power hungry for what is happening. On maxed out max settings, I get similar FPS to games with ridiculous graphics. I'd actually rather them not focus on graphics though. Instead there should be more realistic farming additions. For example, why can't you swath canola out of the box? It's such a common method of harvesting around the world. Looking out my window I can see a crop so high the option would be to windrow it first. I'd rather wait more than two years for a game so they could collaborate with TheAlienPaul and integrate MaizePlus nicely.

  4. I wanted to know jf there was difference in the gameplay. More crops?more machine? Better infrastructure to implant a production chain? Better traffics? Better workers? What does the game do now that it didn't in 19 all you show is graffic??? We don't care buddy…truly

  5. The sky in my opinion looks less bland in FS19 but I am not sure if this video was comparing at same time of day and weather?

  6. I believe the reason why 19 looks more realistic is that they probably are using somekind of toon shader in 22. There was some kind of trend where game developers adopt these kind of shaders to their games but I am not sure if that works for farming simulator.

  7. I threw my fs22 in the back of the cupboard after a few weeks. I was looking forward to the new features but adding way more pallets handling that doesn't work in productions made it not worth doing. Stones turned into picking up every pebble, so turned that off. Wish they had added field grazing, gps etc.

  8. Not sure why farming simulator franchise sells there titles at the price of triple a games. They were never optimize good enough to compare to triple a titles. Also the online experience is a bit upsetting.
    Not to mention a community of ppl that make mods that the devs put on game for consoles. I think they gonna struggle with modders to commit there time to new farm sim titles as they do it out of free will.

  9. It’s been awhile now since the release of ‘22 and I still think ‘19 looks better.
    But really it’s the performance that keeps me with ‘19, easy to run 144hz.

  10. only thing i notice is that 22 has better lighting, higher contrast, shadows, and better trees lol. Still going to stick to 19 for a bit.

  11. The water looks so much better in 19. Not sure if its more realistic or not but it looks like there is wind physics happening as apposed flat water in 22

  12. Games crap lol. I deleted FS 22 and went straight back to FS 19. Only good thing about 22 is the Productions and character customisation.

  13. ひまわりの所とか分かりやすいけど、

  14. Não me importo com os gráficos, mas a física sim, é falta muito pra estar no nível de snowrunner, ou até mesmo a primeira versão de spin tires que é bem antiga

  15. I'm not a big fan of the graphic style decision of this game. It's got a very cartoony look to me. Everything feels like it's been driven right out of the assembly line in pristine condition. Even when you're driving over a field there is no sign of dirt/grim, the shine of the body of vehicles doesn't dull, and colors seem over saturated. When i see a screenshot of this game I instantly recognize it as a farming simulator game because it's just so fake looking. I think the lighting isn't good either. I was just looking this up as i seen NVidia has DLSS support so i was curious how this version of game graphics has improved over past versions. Sadly, i don't see any difference. Don't get me wrong, i obviously don't play farming simulator for the graphics but i do hope they one day make a game that looks really good, but they seem to just use the same engine every year and only tweak a few things.

  16. Not much improved, except sound, Its not worth buying 22 i guess for those improvements, its seems like fifa generations to me…

  17. Don't let the graphics fool you, the physics are still the same from FS13.
    They've been reskinning the same old potato for years and fools keep buying it

  18. nice comparing, but: why do you show different phases of growth in comparison? the sunflowers are ripe at SS19 and at SS22 they are still growing! The same for cotton (once ready for harvest FS19 and once in growth FS22)! It's like comparing apples to oranges.
    best regards from germany..

    in german:
    warum zeigst du verschiedene Wachsthumsphasen im Vergleich? die Sonnenblumen sind bei FS19 reif und bei FS22 sind sie noch im Wachstum! gleiches bei der Baumwolle (einmal Erntereif FS19 und einmal im Wachsum FS22)! Das ist so, als ob man Äpfel mit Birnen vergleichen würde.
    beste Grüße aus Deutschland..

  19. You know I thought I'd try to give it a go today but the chainsaw often didn't work. When I put branches in the chipper they sank into the feeder belt, or fell through it altogether. Because of this, the chipper took little bites at a time and I had to hold the logs in place to grind them. It rained and for some reason that made the graphics slow to a crawl. Nah. It's hot garbage. How anyone can release an unfinished product like this is beyond me. And they scold modders for being sloppy.

  20. 19 was terrible. Their sales must have nosedived, too. Because instead of rushing another cookie cutter game with a slightly better engine to market they absorbed the modding communities code (in true Squad / Kerbal Space Program I doubt they paid the modders whose work they took of course – which is probably why you got strawberries and fscking cakes) so here's praying that fertiliser differences matter now, and that … well, ANYTHING matters in the game beside the same grind.

  21. Overall the GFX are better in FS22, but the loading and unloading of material's is still so bad it's a joke, look at any crop unloading from anything and it looks a mess like your looking at a flat picture not moving grain or anything you are unloading or loading.

  22. Thought 19 version was much better in the crops graphics. More natural. The vegetation for 22 looks like a background for Mario World! Why are the developers so frightened of grim and bud on a farming sim?


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