FARMING SIMULATOR ALPINE | First Look! – Erlengrat Episode 1


Welcome to the Alps!

Dive into vast mountainous grasslands of the Alps! With the Alpine Farming Expansion for Farming Simulator 19, you set up your farm on a brand-new map, inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Alpine region in Europe. Welcome to Erlengrat. New brands and more than 30 new machines are introduced as well. Including the Rigitrac SKH 150, Aebi CC 66 and Aebi TT 281+, the Lindner Unitrac 122 LDrive, the Pöttinger IMPRESS 125F PRO and more. See the complete content overview below.
Release: 12. November 2020

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Do people have any problems when trying to buy a animals house for example for chickens, sheeps, Cows, Pigs and horses ? My problem is that i am not able to buy any of that, But i can buy all the other things in the store, I only have this problem with this map.

  2. So… I have a possibly weird question. Here in the USA we have machines that can be coupled to each other. For example, a mower coupled to the tractor, but the mower has a rear PTO output and hitch where you can hook up your baler. Does the game have anything like that?

  3. As always, thanks for the video. Train return time from Felsburn is 3 min 20 seconds at the soonest you can control it and 3 min 10 seconds to see it.

  4. Im actually impressed. Giants outdid them selves. I thought this was another half-done map, with SOME machinery. Man I wish I did not spend my money on Orbital bombardment money on GTA, nor those 54 pieces of HO trains (for those interested BNSF is what I model), those scenic views are AMAZING!

  5. I dont wanna be a snob. please dont take offense but I feel like this map is kicking the crap out of your pc. I noticed alot more studder in this video over your others. any how beautiful map. I wanna play on it when I get money again. love the videos and excited to see the more to come

  6. the oak trees remind me of fs 11 or 13 in custom maps when u were kinda far away and looked at them really reminded me of those games really miss those days <3

  7. Trash DLC. People become fans and lose objectivity and common sense, this is exactly the case with FS players GIANTS they added things that modders add and called it a DLC. Add something new to the game, improve the graphics, add new mechanics.

  8. Hi Daggerwin! I just want to say i have not been watching the channel for almost over a year… shame on me, but im looking forward to this letsplay!

  9. With that mow tractor 🚜 combo couldn't you attach the baler to the back and mow and bale at the same time
    Just wondering 😏

  10. Farming Simulator should be called Farming Equipment Advertising. They focus mostly on putting a lot of detail into machines, but the graphics overall are quite outdated, they offer Claas equipment only for Platinum Edition, as if people don't pay enough in real life for their machines. They need to understand that farming is not only about equipment (although they should include much more brands and a lot more machines) and that some people want to see more fruit types, maybe you could plant vegetables and harvest them manually. I don't care for any equipment if they don't improve the graphics, the physics and the ingame diversity.

  11. Its a shame they havent gone full Swiss field and have the fields go right up to the road. The American freight cars on the train are interesting too.

  12. Bonjour sur le Dlc on peux fabriquer du fromage chocolat il aura des chèvres on peux monter a deux dans le tracteur il arrive a quelle heure Dlc sur ps4 sur console on peux avoir des chèvres on peux faire du boits fauxonelle sur console il aura de l'orage avec des grosse éclairs ja temps votre réponse merci

  13. So if the new rake does 2 into 1 and that's double of the old one… did the old one do 1 into 1 swath? what is the purpose of it then 😮


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