FS19 | NEW MODS | BREAD & DONUTS PRODUCTION! (Review) Farming Simulator 19 | 20th July 2021.


FS19 | NEW MODS | BREAD & DONUTS PRODUCTION! (Review) Farming Simulator 19 | 20th July 2021. PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Lizard 45 By: McKnightG, Bandeirante Hexline 1050 By: J.AModding, Fiat 70c/ Fiatalls AD7c By: FarmerBoy/Matteo7810, Small Silo Set By: TopAce888, Shed House By: Granjeiro Gamer/Vergamini Modding/Lostgamer & Bread And Donuts Production By: erShaba, raulycristi1 (VSRModdingSur).

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  1. I figured out how to unload water from outside the building, by using a flatbed Combi hooks trucks trailer load it up with your barrels and go to where side of the building where you seen the trigger for the water inside what you do is lift the barrel up while you're on top of the trailer turn it towards the building and the barrel goes disappears and starts filling up.
    And for the flower you're going to notice a post or a light on the back corner of the building line up your pallet with sugar or flour and it should unload as long as you line up the one pallet with the corner with the latest and it takes it all I wish I could put a snapshot

  2. Wow I loved the factory mod on eureka farms and was so disappointed when they disappeared I've tried 2 get factory's 2 work on la coronella but failed but watching u do this is really g8 lots of hard work 4 a good reward thanks 4 yor hard work

  3. Great video. Seems a lot of effort and time for factory. . then I guess update. For pricing. .yes I understand different Todo but . . Anyways. Thanks again.

  4. great video hoff bermann map already does all of this also has bull sperm and bread butter ,cheese ,mayo and even breeding piglets so giants have do a lot better than farmer andy happy farming go and have a look ps only on pc but very very good map

  5. MrSealyP does it again with yet another outstanding review.
    Thanks so much for putting in so much time on these reviews MrSealyP!
    Please subscribe to MrSealyP, you will never regret it.

  6. Your dedication is unquestionable. Well done. It was great discovering that with you, as you often say, instead of just telling us how it is you learn as you go and it is more engaging for the viewers.

  7. Great review as usual, I really appreciate the time you take to review all these mods MrSealyP, especially the more intricate ones like the production packs today!

    It would still take some manual set up, but one way you could deliver more water at once may be using the NMC Pallet mod! Purchase a half dozen or so water barrels, manually stack them into the NMC Pallet and strap them down, then more the pallet itself with a skidsteer or maybe even by hand depending on the combined weight! Or maybe throw 2 or 3 in the back of the OBE Ape By BlackEyesModding and see if you can drive in straight in hehe!

  8. Thanks a lot for the video. I will definitely be using the bread and donut mods. Along with the other peaceable mods. Can’t wait till this weekend.

  9. Man you should be on the cover of fs22 your an unofficial mascot.you break down every mod religiously so modders whom generally be scarcely noticed also get a little advertising from your services. It's good to have your mod reviews. Ty for every video you've done.

  10. FYI on old country farm I couldn't see anywhere to sell the bread and donuts was on start from scratch so don't know if that's anything to do with it

  11. Electric pallet truck is the solution for moving the pallets of flour and sugar. It is actually one of the featured mods on Modhub today.

  12. Another great review MrSealyP! Shame about the shock horror ending after all that work, but that’s why your reviews are top and a must see particularly for any console player (PC too but they get a few excellent mods we don’t).

  13. Now that is what I call a thorough review of (part of) the factories pack! I played the previous ones on Ravensberg. A lot of work, long waiting for the end products to produce, and then sell them for ‘reasonable’ prices. You need patience, but that is what farming simulator is all about, right? Patience 🤔

  14. Thank you for the video . I’m sure I speak for every farm sim farmer here . We appreciate the amount of time it took to set this video up . We salute you.


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