FS22 Game Patch, First Autoload Trailer, NML Update! | Farming Simulator 22


New Mods & Mod Updates FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
Game Patch – First Autoload Trailer, NML Update!

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Update Patch
0:58 – Bergmann Carex 370 S
1:45 – Randon Dumper
3:02 – Güttler PW640
3:38 – Kverneland Qualidisc
4:30 – Pitchfork
5:04 – ACS Weight Pack
5:48 – Christmas Tree
6:13 – Meridian Storage
8:00 – No Mans Land
10:08 – Rolland Pack
11:46 – Silage Silo Pack
12:01 – MoreTrees
12:34 – More Productions
13:09 – More Animals
13:49 – Store Deliveries
15:29 – Chopped Straw
15:49 – Orkel TX 130
16:10 – Mega Bale Stack
16:24 – Outro

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  1. Late-ish mods today, but none the less, we still got some today! What are you hyped about the most? Oh yeah, the game got an update as well!
    Today's Farm Sim News! JD 9R, 9RT, 9RX, DB120, & Tom Pemberton's Map! – https://youtu.be/sja6WOooeRA
    I will be streaming today at 3pm eastern! I'll see you there!

  2. How do I get auto load trailers? Every time I download a zip file and put it in my mods folder, the game gets to 21% loaded and closes down

  3. Wish they would make more farm house plus barns and rigs. saw on utube you could get name brand pick up but there's nothing in mods for any of that

  4. does giants have something against autoloaders? because none of mine and seems like a lot of other people also wont work for them. i have like 5 different trailers and none of them work

  5. I've installed the Rolland Pack but haven't got the autoloaders in it, do i need to do something extra. It would of been easier if you had direct links for us mere mortals LOL

  6. It sucks that this isnt on consoles because loading with the forklifts takes so goddamn long that I dont even want to bother with shipping my own goods anymore.

  7. the so called game patch broke more things than it fixed in the game … "NOT HAPPY" & my current Game Save is now screwed & will have to start again from the start again 🙁


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