"Greenlands" New Mod Map Tour in Farming Simulator 19


NEW MOD MAP FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19! This is a tour of the new mod map in Farming simulator 19 called Greenlands. This map was created by Peter716.

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Map created by: Peter716
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0:00 – Intro
2:10 – Map Tour
19:35 – Map Fly Over

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  1. Very nice looking, scenic map. But a bit too hilly in my opinion.
    And not so many potential crash points, not counting traffic. Not so good for your series 😉

  2. When I've had enough of the northern coastline I'm going on this map, it looks so natural (did want to go on Chellington and Oak Hill but haven't got the time)

  3. It looks like most of the arable fields have a double gate to make it easy getting in and out. I really like that. Many of the UK style maps are just a pain in the backside getting into the fields. The farms are laid out nicely as well. Plenty of room to maneuver.

  4. Me: I'm not interested in starting a new map until I've finished the three maps I'm involved in right now.
    Also me: ''Greenlands' looks awesome and just perfect for me to play alongside Little Norton and Wyther Farms and Sandy Bay…

    Great map tour again Farmer Cop. I don't know whether to thank you or hate you for seducing me with another inviting map I want to download and play. But I suppose I shouldn't shoot the messenger heh? 🙂


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