How to Build Log Shed or Garage in Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 Construction and Building Mods


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Today I am trying a build a Tree logs little Shed or Garage on FS 19 Erlengrat Map from the Alpine Farming Expansion for Farming Simulator 19. It is the first attempt to see if it is passable. The size of the building can be adjusted by editing more treetrunks. In the video, I have to FS19 Semi-trucks BsM Truck 850 And 850 IT, Kenworth T800H TANDEM, and WESTERN STAR 49x. Two LS 19 Semi-Trailers: FS2019 Low Loader Transport Trailer 25M and Fliegl Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood. CLAAS Torion Wheel Loader with MRF Double Claw and LS2019 Tree Harvester Ponsse Scorpion King – MRF Edition. LS 2019 Placeable mods: Wooden Support and Storage and PLACEABLE TREES PACK. To make the construction of the bridge easy you can use the LIFT HEAVY LOADS mod originally I tried John Deere Grapple Yarder but it didn’t work well. To remove logs easy you can use LIZARD Trex600.
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