LOADS of NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 14th Jan 2021.


LOADS of NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 14th Jan 2021. Modhub. PS5. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Concrete Fountain By: Landbauer, Gas Pump By: Pregel_LE, Vehicle Shelter Metal By: Blacksheep Modding, Grain Silo By: R.Mihail/Den Ben, Farmhouse
By: SzeftiLS, Shelters By: Rejman, Sugarbeets Export By: TF 2020 MODS, NMC Mulcher By: North Modding Company, Lizard U473 S By: Puszkap/SYJON, Lizard HS-400L + Massey Ferguson 64-11 By: FBR Modding, New Holland FR850
By: Agro Tonho, Kuhn VBP 2190 By: Rolnik410, John Deere Windrower By: SleutjesModding, John Deere 1110 1210 1510 G By: Woodcraft Modding & Massey Ferguson 20 By: PeterJ.

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  1. Need some help with new mods in game for ps4, I downloaded the farm buildings pack by Realistic Farmers, it has a chicken stable it was changed they added straw to it but I can't find the straw trigger does anyone know it's location.

  2. The racial slur is spelled differently to the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer, & is the last 4 letters of the Animal species Racoon.

  3. Wonder if the IH 66, 86, and 88 series tractor mods will make it back to FS? Maybe another Deutz 6006 mod? I think it was FS13 maybe that I found these mods for, but it might have been FS15 as well. Allis-Charmers tractor mods were wonderful as well. I wish I remembered the modders that made them, really well done! Miss the old combine mods too!

  4. Love this mf tractor we had them in work wen I started u put them in gear and drive them u couldn't change gear with out being stationary great mod review

  5. To all the poeple out there don't buy this game on console it's boring graphics with every new farm is getting worst all the mods u really want only goes to pc .actually the graphics on fs 17 was better than fs 19!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh if only I could use the mod hub! I've virtually given up as every time I look at a mod (on PS4) it then takes ages before I can leave that page! As for the water pump I can't find that anywhere. Still I can just watch MrSealyP play and use all the mods, just as good as doing it myself

  7. Hey @MrSealyP I was thinking about that dumper and given it's small size and 8,000l capacity it would be ideal to use for feeding your animals. Somewhere like Sussex farms where you take the feed from the silo to the chickens, pigs and cows. The only downside is no front bucket so you would need to keep another machine around to do cleanups

  8. Mr.Sealyp I would love to see a series on what mods on console are your favorite/Most used/top picks. Whether that be overall, in categories (small, medium big farming, etc) or at your discretion. It could fit well under the Goham Industries umbrella; however, it would be absolutely amazing if it was a joint video with DjGoHam Gaming highlighting picks from either of you. You both are a credit to the community, I appreciate all the hard work you both put in!

  9. Took out my 1965 massy Ferguson 35 diesel today to plow my driveway. It was my great grandfathers tractor. Passed it down to me when he passed away. When I got it it had 208 hours, I just rolled it to 269.3 hours today. I love seeing these tractors in game, even though they aren't exactly like mine, they're closer than what I ever thought I'd see in Fs19!
    Thanks for all the great reviews!

  10. Wish they would add grass seed headers for combines. Its a huge market here for Ag and it would add an extra easy to do crop.

  11. Does anyone know if updating the Case tractors lower the slot count on them. Wondering if getting rid of the 3D tracks makes the slot count lower?

  12. was watching a real life review of the Kuhn merge max the other day and put the subtitles on out of interest. the word Kuhn was removed in each sentence!

  13. The digger or cane mechanics are not very realistic by using both joystick for working the grab or the arm it’s really annoying

  14. I think you should do an old school let’s play with subscribers contracts on chelleington valley when it comes out I think it would be good

  15. What surprises me most is how big tractors have gotten since the MF 135/20 was first made. They look like miniatures compared to even small modern day tractors.

  16. It's kinda interesting there is only a few difference from the Massy Ferguson 20 industrial and my Ford 335 industrial. The throttle, choke, and rear 3 point lift control are in the same places.

  17. might stop watching these 5 advert breaks during 1 video is crazy. YouTube better be paying you a lot for these video's because the number of interuptions is frustrating!

  18. The Massey mods are Awsom 👍 Maybe I'm a little bias as a friend of mine has got a Massey Industrial and I used to drive a 135 when I started working on a Farm when I left School!

  19. 6:22 would be cool if it charges you a credit or two for lifting up – a bit like using the Wopster.
    I guess the mulcher blade for the Dozer from NMC is considered as plan 'B' if the maps own function to 'remove all trees' is broken. 😉
    The Lizard HS400L – a liquids sprayer that does slurry and digestate – colored in blue and white — must have been developed on Eureka Farms by Goham Industries R&D. 😉
    Those pathetic 'political correctness language' activists will soon offend the new coon cheese brand name 'cheers' for making people addict to alcohol, I bet! And biologists urgently have to rename the racoon – such a racist animal!! Get over it you damned jerks!


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