New DLC! GRIMME Equipment Pack! | Farming Simulator 19


“New DLC! GRIMME Equipment Pack!”
New DLC FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

Preorder GRIMME DLC –

0:00 – Introduction
1:35 – Equipment Overview
3:20 – Outro

Preorder GRIMME DLC –

Today, Giants announced the next DLC for Farming Simulator 19, the Grimme Equipment Pack, which will be released next Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 for all platforms. Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Google Stadia. The DLC will be $4.99 USD, and will be free for those of you that have purchased the seasons pass.

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  1. A New DLC has been announced in partnership with Peppe978, FSI Modding, and GIANTS Software, the GRIMME Equipment Pack DLC. Available for all platforms next Tuesday!

  2. I asked you wish this was a paid DLC from Giants because I'm very interested in the belt system but not as much into the other stuff.

  3. I'm starting to realize we will never have large scale potatoes in farm simulator. Living in one of Canada's potato capitals not a single farmer would keep up running this tiny equipment.

  4. Ive been working a savegame on pacific northwest lately, and seeing as how that map is based in Idaho ive really been getting into taters lately and this surprise tater DLC has me so pumped! What a nice surprise

  5. Hey hallo vriend ik ben het groot grimme vanuit Nederland Ik heb vraagje Kan ik hem gratis krijgen via jullie want ik ben heel groot grote vriend vriend als ik hem zie beginnummer dan gaan we ongeveer tussen Poppel luchthoorn van de rol van de Beatles Groetjes uit Groningen mooiste de mooiste dorp van Nederland Kom een keer kijken Nederlands Hoi ziens

  6. Has Giants software ever thought about considering the American side using some American planters for potatoes and American harvester potatoes

  7. Would be even better if it was free I mean we already have very few mods for potatoes and very few in game equipment for potatoes and now they want us to pay $5 for something that should be free

  8. Waiting for ureka an bucks county map update this dlc would be better if had a bigger harvester potatoes take a long time now I don't do them

  9. dj i know this is a bit of topic but i have seen lots of comments about oxygendavid stopping modding or chellington is not coming to console could someone please explain what is happening? anyways great vid dj! cant wait for this!

  10. Let's hope we get a bigger potato harvester. Going from the big one we had on 15 & 17 to the crap we have now made potatoes a no go for so many people.

  11. Designed I guess for small farming on the Alpine map and Rigitrac HP requirements. Good price, not sure I'll use it much.

  12. Btw, oxygendavid has apparently had a huge argument with giants regarding chellington valley, oxy has announced he will no longer be modding for farm sim, this unfortunately means chellington won’t be coming for you console players

  13. Yo Dj I currently have all dlcs and the game shows me that I got the premium edition I mean the 9 rx at the main screen at the game but the game picture shows me that it's normal I play on ps4 btw (edit) I'm a bit confused

  14. So will this be an actual DLC, or just another mod pack masquerading as DLC? Just want to know if it's gonna be taking space from my 4 gig mod limit.


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