NEW MODS | BEAUTY AND A BEAST (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 26th Jan 2021 PS5.


NEW MODS | BEAUTY AND A BEAST (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 26th Jan 2021 PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Average Garage By: Przemek23433, Polish Greenhouse With Tomatoes
By: BarT, Lizard Semi Granel 10000 By: JV3D Modding/SleutjesModding, John Deere 6010 Series By: DB Modding, Lizard Tri Axle Log Trailer By: Half Assed Modding/Whiskey Sierra Modding/OFGaming, Lizard SNPC 108 Disk By: Dahlke/Hugo Miotto/Matheus Kanieski/JA Modding/LR Modding & Jenz Wood Crusher By: kenny456/Kyosho’s Modfactory.

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  1. On xbox if you hold down the main power button till the console goes off this will clean up any unwanted files and will take your downloaded mod percentage down increasing disk space

  2. TNTmodding has asked if you are on Xbox. if the seasons or the Precision farming update has fixed the issues on eureka grassy roads. TNTmodding has a fb page that i seen this question posted on. He believes this should have fixed the issues. If not he is looking for feed back. When I looked there was no reported issues on his post.

  3. If you would have made the main color pink it would have jumped out at you, LOL!! Great job as always. 👍👍✌

  4. If you keep the axles on the ground with supports out on the new wood chipper it is more stable with the crane.

  5. So glad to see that Precision Farming update, one of the main reasons I haven't been using it is the mission issues.

  6. Beauty and a beast looks like a good piece of kit. Shame about the crane on it.
    May be worth looking at the mini generator/pto as a power source? Great video as always thank you

  7. On ps4 we need more classic farm equipment and tractors for the people that want to start from 0 there is not much choice

  8. Forestry in this game is garage, they can't seem to figure out the physics of logs vs equipment to save their lives.

  9. MrSealyp or anyone can someone please help me in a small issue, Theses are the Mod's I have downloaded and on tending to use on my map Mods

    Market Stall
    ,Replaceable TMR Silo,TMR Mixer,Wind Turbines,Seeds Pallet,BGA 100kw,BGA 20kw,BGA 300kw,Container BGA 45kw,Mega Silo Complex

    Baboina B-1-15 Grain Silo
    ,AGRI XJS,Timbered Farm,Taco Stand,Coffee Stand,Millennium Farm Shed Pack,MillenniumSeed Pallets,Fuel Trailer IBM 520

    Huddig 1260E
    ,Replaceable Farmsilo,Tool Height Control For Harvester,Cellular Antenna,Mixed Ration For Cows,Replaceable Silo,Syn Tranc,Pallets,

    Replaceable Farm Shop
    ,Gas Station,Food 'n' Fertillzer Shop,Small Wood Selling Station,FSO9 Horse Husbandry,Flood & Streetlights Set,Karcher Washhouse

    Replaceable Fruit Trees,
    Fruit Orchards,Base Transceiver Station BTS,Solar Collecting Single Array Unit Large,Green Houses,Lapacho Tree,Pond Water Store

    Heating Plant
    ,Root Crop Storage,Lizard Bio Gas Planet,Midwest Machinery Dealership,Lone Oak Sheep Farm Pack,Lone Oak Decorations Pack,Decorations Trees

    RGB Lighted Trees Planter Box Pack
    ,Russian Dog House,Vinage Diner,Precision Farming DLC,Open Cow Pasture,ITS Winter Pack,Replaceable Buying Stations

    Replaceable Solar Panels
    ,Sugarbeets Export,Vegetables Garden,Seed FactoryEasyshed SetManure Dealer PackReplaceable Details PackAll Shops BundleReplaceable Factories Pellet PackModular BGA SystemsGoldcrest Valley Chicken PenWooden Dog HouseSelling Station PlaceableWeather StationGrain SiloTimbered FarmpackGDR Building PackModern Farmhouse Pack 1Modern Cow Barns

    Park Bench
    DairyPackage With Wind TurinesCow BarnsGerman Cow BarnsSmall BGA 32kwReplaceable Large Cow Pasture FS13 Chicken HusbandryCow HusbandryAnimal Pen Extension ReadyEgg PalletCucumber GreenhouseTomato Green House the map being Felsbrunn But the issue i am having is i cannot put any animal stables pens on my farm so can someone please tell me what I need to do

  10. SEASONS: Do not update seasons. I've just sent an email to Realismus Modding after doing the update and now I can't unload anything. I've been playing on Sussex Farms all day. I tried unloading TMR into the silo from a trailer (this works normally on Sussex) and I also can't unload potatoes from a bucket into a trailer. Haven't tested anything else but that's the only change I've made to the game and now I'm having these issues.

  11. I noticed that the colour option was for the loader attached as when you set the loader on it was the colour you picked

  12. It doesn't have to be a huge mod review like a one by one more of an overview of all in a pack. The fact that only you so far is even willing to show it off said mountains of your dedicated to your fans and the game. It was what I was waiting on today after I seen it on mod hub and it to me was over looked. So thank you Mr Sealy P. Your are amazing.

  13. Thank you so much for your reviews sir , I appreciate all that you do. You seemed different yesterday with mod review, much more like yourself today. I hope you have a wonderful day, thank you again.

  14. Nice review. I believe the colour joke was by Henry Ford who said: "you can have the car in every colour as long as it is black"


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