New Mods! DB90 Fixed & We Need To Talk… (14 Mods) | Farming Simulator 19


New Mods & Mod Updates – March 4, 2021
“DB90 Fixed & We Need To Talk…” (14 Mods)
New Mods FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

GPORTAL Servers –

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Mod Overview
0:25 – New Holland 8040
1:03 – Farmhouse Pack
1:11 – ALL-IN-ONE Silo Pack
1:55 – Loading Ramp
2:08 – Bunker Silo Small
2:20 – Demolition Company
2:51 – Crosetto NL Pack
3:03 – John Deere DB90 2004
4:47 – Lizard Harrow
5:17 – Zetor 12045-16145
5:36 – Potato Harvester Pack
6:21 – Rauch AXIS 50.2
6:29 – Wooden Toilet
6:34 – Flowers
6:42 – Outro

Most All Mod Videos Use Pacific Northwest As The Testing Map. (This map is available on mod hub for all platforms) –
All Released Mods –

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  1. Hey DJ love the show two questions for you firstly I play fs19 on ps4 and was wondering if course play is able to be used all the time and secondly where did you get the baler from and what brand is it

  2. Stop complaining all the time about how long the planter takes to open, if you don't like it don't showcase it, some of us like the realism fact.

  3. We need a construction simulator game with alot off diesel trucks and some 4 wheelers so u can build ur on dirt ramps throw in some monster trucks I wouldn't even care if is 40GB or 100GB

  4. i think it would be even better if the db90 had the option to put tanks on it to look like the db60 im just saying

  5. I won’t use that planter cause it too slow to open just like that other John Deere one lol I get that it’s just a game but shouldn’t be that slow definitely should of updated the speed on the open and closing….. it’s a good looking planter I’d use it if it open and closed a little faster

  6. I dont know if its the map or the planter but I had the DB90 on Lazy Acres and anytime I got near it, the game would crash. Maybe Ill wait till one or the other updates and try it again but just had issues. Havent tried it on other maps though.

  7. We can have these useless mods like 8 million polish sheds, demolition company the coffee cups. But heaven forbid we get American antique tractors or anything like that.

  8. where do i get the same version of easy development mod from mate?the version i have has half the features your version does.

  9. Maybe it's better to put a small thingy you made for role playing on a third party site? DaggerWin used the FarmSim box in one of his videos so people might have a use for it.

  10. Hey the vids..just a thought…the JD DB90 with the JD C850 seed cart…dude..seed for days…just a thought…love all thr JD equipment 👍


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