NEW MODS Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 (Review) 2nd Nov 2020.


NEW MODS Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 (Review) 2nd Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Seasons GEO: Szekely Land By: eLp Stefan, Fendt Tigo Package By: Bayern-Agrar, UN-053 Wheel Loader By: Mr.Dinamit88/TherÖcsy & NMC Backbed Pack + NMC Rambler Pack + NMC Raptor Pack By: North Modding Company



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  1. Wish a few issues with NMC would get fixed, but great review as always sir.
    1) Rotate the steering wheel around the center of the wheel (the top of the wheel doesn't bounce 3" in ANY car I've ever driven…)
    2) Throttle drift, while I know there is a setting to allow for varying amounts of momentum, their trucks all seem to be a fraction of the vanilla vehicles.
    3) Steering/weight center, it seems they center of gravity is off on a few models. When cornering they are closer to a go-kart than a truck (pivot point, turn in, etc.).
    4) Payload… Quite a few MODs get this wrong, and maybe for their own reasons, but a truck with a bed that is 100% liquid storage would still never hold the volumes of fluids they supposedly hold…

  2. We already have moveable pressure washers – so in essence a movable placeable which can perform changes on vehicles – why the hell can't we have the same functionality on a toolbox/service kit: IT'S DESPERATELY NEEDED and after 2 years of waiting it really is about time.

  3. Hi Sealy, thanks for all of the work you put in to these videos. How do you get the strobes to turn on the NMC trucks on the PS4?

  4. Completely off topic and no doubt been asked many times before but maybe someone can help with it….. Where did you get the 9RX Series from because it’s not in the Xbox mod hub

  5. I have all the new truck installed on console but can't find the beds like you are showing in video is there a different mod we have to have

  6. Nice video. Hope you return to snowrunner as well. Take care mates be safe in this 2nd wave.
    God bless take care 😀

  7. Sweet NMC truck options Now we got a Toyota Tundra (scarok) or Dodge Ram (rambler) or a Chevrolet Silverado (raptor). Now all we need is the Ford Trucks. But the 82s are fords so never mind lol they now have all truck brands in the game.

  8. Scarok, tlx, rambler, reaper & then NMCs chevy model (name escapes me but begins with R), suddenly fs19 is spoilt for choice for pickups

  9. dunno about anyone else but the last new mods i got was the claas xerion
    3000 saddle trac and nothing else since then wtf ??? im on xbox one

  10. It bothers me that as soon as you stop pressing the gas the rear tires will lock and make you lose speed QUICK. Not sure if a bug or what they were going for. Will try and see if other engines do the same or just the NMC Super

  11. It’s just whatever truck you prefer now the dodge Ford or Chevy I’ve been waiting for the for a LONG time. Gonna get on and change out the Chevy one cause I really want the Dodge

  12. The one thing that really got me in this video is how mrsealyp said quite a few times that he liked the look of the raptor, but never once said what the actual vehicles are…. until I realized you probably don’t have either of those trucks in the UK, or maybe even Europe.

  13. the NMC trucks are scaled wrong. they are massive side by side to the other pickups. they even make the semis look small and the driver looks like a child behind the wheel. i wont use them. they dont look realistic because they are so ridiculously big.

  14. Mr. SealyP get five miles from the dealership and breaks the Ford NMC truck. Way to go NMC. Typical real life Ford in game. Nice.

  15. Interesting selection of mods today and great reviewing as always MrSealyP! I like those little UN wheel loaders a lot, always nice to have more good smaller / older options for things like that! And of course NMC have gone bonkers with pickup trucks today it seems lol! Always superb quality of mods from them.

  16. MrSealyP thank you for another great video and it looked great as you where driving of at the end (more realistic ending)


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