NEW MODS / MODULAR BGA SYSTEM! / (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 13th Nov 2020.


NEW MODS / MODULAR BGA SYSTEM! / (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 13th Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: 100kW bunker, 200kW bunker, 300kW bunker, Fermenter round, Fermenter corner (angular), Gas storage 14m metal, Gas storage 14m concrete, Gas storage 22m metal, Gas storage 22m concrete & generator By: Kastor [DSA].



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  1. Hi I’ve been a bit slow to download this one. I’ve watched the great video but am unable to get this to allow me to place it anywhere at all on the jack pine map. I’ve tried in fields, open ground having cleared trees and even areas that I have gravelled. Does anyone have any suggestions please

  2. Thank you for the video MrSealyP. If I understand corrrectly,, the storage addon does not have to be close to the input bunker? All parts can be placed somewhere random on your property?

  3. Look at this may be you can use it put a rap near the tool and back up the one that has grass and straw in it put it all the way back untill it hit the tool then unload it will go in

  4. Sorry to bother you but I'm going to re ask a question that has already been asked which is does any part of this modular system except grass wrap silage bales? I'm finding too many maps that if I make silage Bales there's no place to go with them that's BGA plants don't take them or you find a place to put it and you don't get paid for it

  5. Your a true inspiration I looked up Aspley farms in Andover & I am now going to run a full map dedicated to AD /bio gas I just not sure if I can have enough land for the digestate thanks Paul & any prospecting will be done in the Land Rover lol 😆

  6. I hope map makers offer the choice to remove the bio plant to compensate slots & the way these modules connect is fantastic all the modules look amazing 👍

  7. Hello guys I have problem with helpers when I give them to plought they just spining around and bugging does anyone now how to fix this?

  8. Hey there mrsealyp I am a new youtuber I have some snowrunner videos up I would really like for u to check my channel and let me know what u think I truly value your opinion

  9. this has to be hands down my favorite mod. i love and excuse to use wheel loaders so my silage farm is about to get an overhaul!

  10. I often watch your videos to fall asleep to and then think about how to improve my gameplay for my farm about what I might do the next morning, you are our voice for console players and I appreciate you so much, better than winter storms or rain videos when I get sleepy and I cannot simply watch anything more on youtube, including the latest news reports from other channels. I choose your videos that are the longest to fall asleep to and I go into rem sleep very quickly. this channel is a blessing.

  11. Now that is a brilliant and interesting mod pack! With that and the bunker silo mods out there it really adds a whole new dimension to what we can do to personalise farms generally and specifically I'm thinking on the pioneer type maps like No Man's Land and so on! Thank you for taking the time to give us a quick run through of this separately from the rest of the mods, MrSealyP, between this and the cotton harvest mod pack the other day it's like we've had a bonus DLC drop!

  12. Re those pipes hanging in the air when you place the gas storage tanks…..the tank itself has quite a thick concrete base, you could probably lower it into the ground so the pipes are touching the ground.

  13. Whats the bucket you're using to tip? Is that the biggest bucket you can get on ps4? Also I can't find the video but you had a forestry harvester cheaper than the 400k+ base game version??

  14. So you just really need the first part?
    That seems great. Finally makes the BGA easy to use, some maps put the BGA in weird places. Can't wait to put one on sussex.

  15. I'm a little confused……if you have the whole system does it actually make fuel? Does it pay more (besides the .iney to cover maintenance costs?) And did I see that right the big processors takes wood chips?

  16. In relation to the setup of the BGA system. When linked together I assume each piece will generate an income as it works as well as the income at midnight. Is this correct?

  17. I didn't get two things; Can you have multiple bunkers into the fermenting plant and the digestate "tank" back into your yard or field? 😀

  18. Quick question, can slurry spreaders have digestate transferred to them by parking next to a tanker or do they have to go directly to a BGA?

  19. 'You can't tip into them with trailer …' – that depends on the trailer: with a raised trailer, like the Annaburger Fieldliner or the little Rolland Line raisable trailer it should be no problem to tip into these, I assume.

  20. Thanks a ton for the review! Awesome mod! Side note, however: you CAN tip from a truck right in front of the digester – the biggest one, at least – checked it. The trigger is on the floor.

  21. These are a great idea, my only complaint would be no trailer tipping, it’s nothing a conveyor belt or 2 won’t solve 👍


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