NEW MODS (PIG FOOD PRODUCTION?) (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS5 FS19 27th Nov 2020.


NEW MODS (PIG FOOD PRODUCTION?) (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS5 FS19 27th Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Fuel Bowser By: GreenBale, Bale Pusher By: ARM-Team, Magsi Tool Pack
By: Nico Pix, Rostselmash Torum 760 By: DB Modding, Guilbart Delta 850 By: lmfmodding, Lizard K4m By: Pan Bartosz, Joskin Cargo Track Pack By: WhiteBull Modding, Joskin Silospace 22 45 By: Bueno, Petro Farm Gas Station By: Team IWMM, Alpine Cow Barn By: Kamilos0397, Polish Barn By: Danielx321, Polish Buildings Pack By: Danielx321/Cisek & Old Production Pack By: Farmer Mahnew.



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  1. I really like the factories pack mod, and being able to produce hay/silage. I don't quite understand the pigfood one. You have to supply all of the ingredients that pigs normally eat – so it seems like an unnecessary extra step.

    That said, I do appreciate the modders trying new things and pushing the game forward.

  2. Apparently it is Rostselmash I always read Rotel-Smash which immediately increases the appeal of the harvester for me.

  3. @MrSealyp The Alpine Cow Barn has a hidden gate near where the manure pile is. You can get a small tractor / trailer in there for the straw trigger 🙂 Much easier once you can get inside the barn

  4. I noticed that sometimes my flashlight doesn’t work aswell you can’t jump or put cows in the cow barn either it doesn’t happen a lot but every now and then the game will do that It first happened to me a few months ago at the same time the straw harvest mod came out I put it down to that and sometimes the price for pellets will disappear as well I just restart the game and the problem seems to go away maybe that is what has happened to you that’s why you couldn’t put anymore cows in

  5. Does anybody know if the mod Easy Development Commands-Player is only for console or is it for pc as well. ???

  6. Mr sealyp
    I really need your help!!
    I accidentally banned my friend by pressing the wrong button
    If there is anyway you could help me by allowing to invite him back please let me know
    Many thanks 🙏

  7. i do hope with the next farming simulator with the animal housing is it's a permanent placed thing but it's buildable to different buildings like somewhere between the rest of farming simulators and the 19th version it would be nice to see what people can do with the limited space i'm sure they're very imaginative

  8. Great review as always,Will the pig food produced be able to be used to feed pigs or just to sale?Anyone?

  9. The effort to add stuff to the game like the no mans land stuff is commendable & I can tell by your frustrations there is a need for some content to have a huge overhaul great job in explaining what does & doesn’t work as yet & fingers crossed it can be fixed 👍

  10. I believe your animal trigger problem is caused by having seasons mod installed. Due to the fact that seasons animals work on the other menu it doesn’t like to work when you load a non season map.

  11. I wonder if you can attach two tractors on the tank and see which one get lifted off the ground 😂😂🤣

  12. the factory mod caused problems on the one map where I was doing animal production but a good problem, animals never needed straw for bedding and plenty of manure nearly TOO much

  13. I didn't notice who made the Magsi pack but I'm guessing some French modder, half of the implements have the same names in my french game as they do in yours.

  14. Be cool if they put birds nest in those cow barns have like baby birds flying around inside and possibly add flies cause my family they live on a farm and there cow pig barns have all that be cool if they added that I’m sure it be difficult but just a idea to make em look real great video though

  15. Nice selection of mods and great review, although as has been mentioned, I think your mic settings may be a bit off today.

    The factories are a great introduction, but as they use the animal scripts to work and they mess around with the animal pens, that makes the pig food factory a little pointless as you won’t have pigs to feed the food to. Unless I am understanding wrong.

    I like how more modders seem to be pushing the boundaries though.

  16. cannot see the point of producing silage in bags ! a fermenting silo would be better. That Joskin truck though is a must have.

  17. Oooh another really interesting selection of mods and updates to take us into the weekend! Thankyou MrSealyP, for your resolute and tireless devotion to FS and bringing us quality content!

    I'm really happy to see those two maps have updates, and the Brazil Pickup too! That Joskin Cargo pack is an interesting one, in some ways it reminds me of the Holmer Terra Variant DLC from Giants. It's a unique and really interesting pack that has a lot of potential but may be under-utilised if it doesn't get the support it deserves. Love those Polish building packs too, very nicely designed! That production pack is definitely interesting, good to see the modders are taking these ideas and working with them to make things usable on console, hopefully they can work out all the fiddly errors and issues!

    Regarding the flashlight and odd trigger issues that's almost definitely an issue caused by one of the mods, we've had a similar issue on PC with the "Buy Used" mod that caused some issues with hand tools / flashlights and workshop triggers not working properly but it was resolved pretty quickly with a update.

  18. Thanks for the demonstrations.
    On the joskin, can you have both trailers on? How does the one on the back of the truck dump if you have the pull behind on?

  19. What happened to the creating new fields implements on the flat map. Lot of the mods have disappeared on it. . Plus I get my slot count up to 1000. Out of 1299. It crashes my ps4.

  20. Another great review sir! The latest game update has caused a multitude of issues. I've had to save, exit, then restart the game to fix the flashlight, lifting, and animal dialog boxes issues. I hope the next update will fix these. The Precision Farming dlc might require a huge change to the script of the game. So that is a great opportunity to fix glitches on a base game level.

  21. I don`t know if anyone else is having a problem since the update of this game but nearly every time I close down the game it keeps coming up with an error message. It always starts up ok and at the last save point when exiting.

  22. Hopefully other modders imbrace the factories and food mixers……..would love to see getting those often.

  23. Another great mod review ☺, I experience the same problem with dialog boxes not showing at certain points, I find saving and exiting the game normally fixes this problem, hope it helps in the future, keep up the great work and stay safe out there MrSealyP 😎

  24. Hey mrsealyp great review as all ways old xbox dude here hope u had a good thanksgiving day God Bless be safe

  25. 5:20 I've noticed this problem quite often (torch and/or all other lights not working). I have noticed, if you progress game time 24hrs, it will rectify the issue. Hope this helps!

    Great vid, as always!

  26. With the Starowics full map overhaul would you do another full map tour of map please, and go over the changes?


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