NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS5 FS19 24th Nov 2020.


NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS5 FS19 24th Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Joskin 3-Points Tipper By: Blacksheep Modding, Lizard Planer By: 76-Max, Grain Leveler By: FSH_Modding/UNorby, Placeable Sleep Trigger + Placeable Water Trigger By: GreenBale, Grain Silo By: Danielx321/karas/xlimeee, Lizard NL10 By: Insight design 3D/Farm Centro Sul, Homemade Hungarian Combinator By: Tarczi007/Unorby, Kverneland CLG By: Pumson, Krone EasyCut Pack By: bm-modding/Wopster, NMC Woodchip Transport Pack By: North Modding Company, Massey Ferguson 5650 And Massey Ferguson Cutter By: Wagner/Holzs FS, Lizard Auger Master By: Mantrid, Lizard 112H By: Tailan/Agro Mods, Selling Station Placeable By: Ostry & Lizard D882 By: Ostry/Kasztan18.



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  1. Agree liking the trucks/trailer pack . And the trailer very very tidy mod. As for truck/unit/ also get 113 of these poss other numbers also horn/reverse different.
    if these are briilian .there trailers are bit of an odd one .look up on you tube. But for record.usless info. They also do loads of trucks like these miniature units all working eg bin Lorries dump-trucks even car transporter's which is much closer to the ground than UK kinds funny if you see 112 pulling normal sized box trailer .it's like honey a shrunk the truck. there flatbed trailer's are angled big mudflaps defo looking like custom cars All lowered..just shows there's no real need to have high truck's means you'd get below low bridges and across if windy. . great video again Mr Sealy p

  2. The Krone mowers with swathers makes life easier.. it was one plus to get the season pass, which I haven’t .. yet..
    Off topic precision farming looks to bringing gps to consoles in some way..🙂

  3. Another great review MrSealyp, thank you very much !
    I love the Lizard Auger Master! Big capacity, really beautiful color options, the green/red light is really handy too. I would have love to have the ability to offload it wherever I want though, not only in another trailer. Like this, a bunker silo could be fill up with chaff differently maybe ???

  4. Hey @MrSealyp Regarding the Massey Fergurson Harvester and it's "weird" wheels, I've done some research and find out that there is a Brazilian company that made those. It's used to help the harvester's traction on mud terrain. Here is the Website for the manufacturer and an image from another model applied to a tractor.

  5. Another great informative video Mr S P. Keep up the good work. But is it me or does the horn on the Lizard NL 10, sound like a Dalek shouting "Exterminate"…… ery freaky !…

  6. The auger wagon is definitely a pretty useful machine. i think they missed a bit by not having the option of split loads so we can take seed and fertiliser to the paddock in one trip to fill seeders,

  7. The Lizard 112H lorry is indead based on a classic Scania. So your Lorry knowledge is not tricking you, MrSealyp.
    The Auger Master is great. I know you can not cover everything, but maybe anbody else knows. Does it also fit at the Case IH sugarcane harvester? The harvester has a trailer hitch option, but for example the Randon sugarcane trailer collide with the harvester pipe.

  8. Been waiting for an update of the Fendt 800! But the games still crashes when im selecting tires. Guess its too hard to fix🙄


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